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The World Series of Warzone came and went earlier this week, with several new winners being crowned. On the EU side of things, it was the Italian trio headed by BBlade, who also went on to win the EU SoloYolo. For NA, the underrated trio led by Mayappo won the Finals while Fifakill took home the SoloYolo.

Both days were action-packed, and the winners were absolutely deserving across the board. With the event now over, though, we return to regularly-scheduled Warzone programming. Still, there are certain things we can take away from the event, such as the bonafide meta that the pros implemented.

Across the EU and NA events, there were a select few weapons used by almost every player. In other words, the pros firmly established the meta in Season 5.

Top 5 guns in World Series of Warzone

Right off the bat, we’re going to exclude the use of the Riot Shield in the SoloYolo events. While this weapon arguably saw the most usage in the event, it was only because a majority of solo players like to equip it to save themselves from sticky situations. We’re just going to be listing the top five guns used:

  1. UGM-8 (light machine gun, Vanguard)
  2. Armaguerra 43 (submachine gun, Vanguard)
  3. PPSh-41 (submachine gun, Vanguard)
  4. Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle (sniper rifle, Vanguard)
  5. 3-Line Rifle (sniper rifle, Vanguard)

To state the obvious, the Vanguard weapons were on full display in the World Series of Warzone. It’s also obvious what players used as their main long-range DPS weapon. The UGM-8 is the best of both worlds between an LMG and AR, and a majority of long-range kills came by its hand. However, the sniper rifles were also a popular pick, mainly in the Trios Finals.

Players were somewhat split between the 3-Line Rifle and the Gorenko Anti-Tank Rifle, though. Judging by the killfeed, the Gorenko was used by most players and it was arguably more effective than the 3-Line. We saw a plethora of great moments with the Gorenko in a player’s hand.

Finally, the submachine gun meta was split between the Armaguerra 43 and PPSh-41. This seemed to be a case of whatever weapon players felt more comfortable with. The Armaguerra 43 is the old meta SMG while the PPSh-41 is somewhat new to the meta. So, players likely used whatever weapon they’d been using more in Season 5.

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