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While England and French players might normally run the Call of Duty: Warzone scene in Europe, today it was all about Italia. The EU World Series of Warzone Finals and SoloYolo event took place today, with 40 teams competing in the Finals and an entire lobby of players competing in the SoloYolo. There was $400,000 total up for grabs across both events, so the stakes were as high as they’ve ever been for these European players.

In the end, though, the Italian team that consisted of SavyUltras90, Wartex, and BBlade took home the $300,000 World Series of Warzone Finals prize pool. Then, just an hour later, BBlade continued to represent Italy and won the $100,000 SoloYolo event.

This is the first time that one player has been a part of the winning Finals team and then went on to win the SoloYolo, in either NA or EU. However, BBlade managed to pull it off. It’s certainly one of, if not the winningest, overall day for any Warzone player ever. BBlade walked away with the $100,00 grand prize from the SoloYolo event and then a cut of $50,000 from the Finals (roughly $17,000).

BBlade dominates World Series of Warzone

The World Series of Warzone Finals took place first, and BBlade’s team, captained by SavyUltras90, was easily the best squad throughout the tournament. Map after map, the team secured kills at critical junctures and placed highly in almost every match.

Riding the high of victory, BBlade was able to turn in a flawless showing in the SoloYolo. The Italian player finished with four total kills, including the final one to win the event.

Once again, the Solos event saw a majority of players using the Riot Shield, Stun Grenades, and a mixture of other strategies. It worked last year for Seth “Scump” Abner and it worked again this year for BBlade.

We’ll see if the NA players use a similar strategy tomorrow when they participate in their World Series of Warzone. The NA Finals kick off at 12 PM PT.

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