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The NA World Series of Warzone Trios Finals has gone through its five matches and we have a winner. Team Mayappo, consisting of Mayappo, Hisoka, and Skullface, have won the Trios Finals in North America.

This team wasn’t invited to the event, but instead had to qualify through the WSOW Qualifiers last week. They took first place in the qualifiers and then managed to win the main event as well, defeating some of the best Warzone players in the world. The team takes home $50,000 in total, meaning each player will receive just north of $15,000.

Team Mayappo takes home the World Series of Warzone

Team Mayappo wasn’t considered a favorite to win this event, as they were up against some huge names in the scene. The favorites to win was arguably Team Biffle, which was headlined by Biffle, Repullze, and SuperEvan. Through three maps, it appeared like that prediction was going to come true. Team Biffle was a force to be reckoned with on the map, with SuperEvan and Biffle both lighting up the killfeed. However, it was Mayappo that consistently led in total eliminations.

The team really hit their stride in match four, where they combined for a whopping 29 kills and took home the match win. This secured them 58 points in one match and allowed them to overtake Team Biffle for the top spot in the standings heading into match five. This was preceded by Team Mayappo also winning match three, where they secured an additional 42 points.

Unfortunately for Team Biffle, they were pushed early on in the final match, and were eliminated without making much noise. As for Team Mayappo, they changed up their strategy in match five. The past four drops, they landed at Peak, hopped in a plane, and secured the area around them. This allowed them access to high-tier loot, including Specialist and Foresight as well as their loadouts.

However, in the final match, they decided to drop near the edge of the map. This worked out in their favor, as multiple teams landed Peak to try and head them off. Ultimately, Team Mayappo didn’t win the final match, but they didn’t need to in order to win the event.

Other notable storylines from the NA Finals included Aydan, ZLaner, and Fifakill all receiving a dev error at the start of the final match. Even though some of these players said the dev error happened before anyone dropped out of the plane, there was no restart.

This does it for the Trios portion of the World Series of Warzone. The SoloYolo event for NA has still yet to begin.

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