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Today, thousands of new players will get to experience Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 for the first time. The Xbox and PC beta begins this weekend, with PlayStation players receiving a second weekend of access. In the second weekend, the level cap will be raised to 30, giving players a chance to unlock all of the beta rewards. In addition to those rewards, new weapons and other content will also become available in Modern Warfare 2.

As players begin to level up their character, they’ll likely ask what weapons they should be using. After all, the weapon a player chooses has arguably the biggest impact on how they will perform in a given match. Today, we’ll be going over the top three weapons players should be using in Modern Warfare 2. This list is based on weekend one of the beta, but Infinity Ward hasn’t done any weapon balancing yet, so all of the weapon information should still apply.

Top 3 weapons in the Modern Warfare 2 beta

We’ll start off with what we believe to be the best weapon in the MW2 beta and then go down the list with our other two picks. Keep in mind, that not all of these weapons will be unlockable simply by leveling up in the beta. Players might have to unlock a weapon through leveling up a certain platform in the Gunsmith.

1. Lachmann Sub – SMG

Our pick for the best weapon in the entire MW2 beta is the Lachmann Sub, otherwise known as the MP5. When players first learned how to unlock this weapon, lobbies were instantly full of players using it. The Lachmann Sub has the best time-to-kill out of any SMG in MW2, and also has a terrific loadout players can use. No weapon should beat the Lachmann Sub in close range, and it even holds its own at long range despite being an SMG.

2. Kastov-74u – AR

Coming in second on the list is our pick for the best assault rifle in the MW2 beta, the Kastov-74u. This replica of the AK74u from previous games is just behind the Lachmann Sub for us, with the two weapons being essentially neck-and-neck with each other in terms of performance. The Kastov excels at medium range but is also no slouch at close range either. Long-range gunfights can be difficult given the gun’s iron sights, but using the best loadout for the Kastov-74u should solve those issues.

3. Expedite 12 – Shotgun

Many players were likely expecting to see something like the M4 or FSS Hurricane here. However, our vote for the third-best weapon in the beta goes to the Expedite 12 shotgun. If you haven’t used this shotgun yet in the beta, throw it on a class and see for yourself just how enjoyable it is to use. The range on the Expedite is tremendous, and it can one-shot kill enemies at close-range without fail. On a map like Farm 18, the Expedite 12 becomes one of the best guns in MW2, but it can also excel as a secondary weapon on an Overkill class.

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