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The Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 multiplayer beta has opened an avenue for fans to provide critical feedback on the game. Thousands of players have sent in feedback to Infinity Ward, to which the developers recently responded in a community update. While that update wasn’t what fans wanted to hear, there were some good aspects to come out of it.

During weekend one of the MW2 beta, mobility was a large complaint from the community. From players not being able to slide-cancel to a general feeling of slowness when sprinting, fans certainly have legitimate points when it comes to the lack of mobility in MW2 multiplayer. However, one specific complaint that fans have with mobility is the speed at which players aim down sights (ADS), either when stationary or sprinting.

No matter what attachments players equipped on their weapons in the Gunsmith, there was no concrete way to make a gun feel faster. It feels like it takes multiple seconds to raise a gun to aim down sights, which leads players to feel like they need ADS constantly.

YouTuber FaZe Jev made these exact points in their recent video on the MW2 beta. Jev stated that “movement speed … time to kill, the sprint to fire times, the Tactical Sprint to fire times” are all extremely slow compared to previous COD titles. This leads Jev to believe that players will want to camp more and keep their gun raised at all times to ensure they have a shot at winning a gunfight.

It’s unclear if Infinity Ward is planning to address these issues before the full release of MW2. The developers’ recent community update didn’t mention anything about overall mobility, so they’re likely waiting to gather more data from the beta to make any changes. However, fans are hoping that they’ll slightly increase mobility to give fans a better chance at winning gunfights when rushing around the map.

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