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The Wrap Up, a new esports and gaming show, has aired its first episode on Red Bull TV. This Australian-centred entertainment program is designed to appeal to both newcomers and gaming experts alike. Here’s what you can expect from Red Bull’s latest endeavor.

The Wrap Up

What began as a single pilot episode in July of last year has turned into a series. The show features content from the esports and gaming worlds with a mix of pop culture and industry-related news. There’s also the usual banter, debates, and discussions you would expect from a talk show.


Each of the three hosts have extensive knowledge in the gaming and esports industries. Red Bull Ambassador Stephanie ‘Hex’ Bendixsen is one of the show’s hosts. She was previously the host of ABC’s Good Game. Not only is she a Twitch partner, she has also authored her own book series. We had the chance to catch up with Hex and find out her thoughts around The Wrap Up. She spoke of her experience and how that can help appeal to the audience.

“Formats have changed, live-streaming has made things more interactive, and as a result – gamers tend to want things a little less ‘produced’ and more relaxed and discussion. In saying that, broadcast television has given me a more solid foundation to draw from professionally when starting new projects like this.,” Hex said. ” I think The Wrap Up, with Red Bull’s broader reach, seeks to create a really welcome and inclusive place for anyone interested in gaming, alongside a more dedicated audience.”

Danny and Vandie

Hex isn’t the only one with extensive knowledge in the industry. Danny Clayton is another of the show’s hosts. Whilst he might be new to the gaming scene, he is not new to stardom. He’s a former Channel V star, and was on Australian Idol to show off his musical skills. Joining Clayton and Hex is Kori ‘Vandie’ Hallows. Vandie is a streamer, former stream manager of Legacy Esports and now works for Twitch ANZ. She has hosted many esports competitions and has plenty of experience to draw on.

Kori “Vandie” Bassi on set (Image: Ken Leanfore via Red Bull Content Pool)

We spoke to Vandie to hear her thoughts on The Wrap Up. She believes her experience in the gaming industry will help appeal to those coming to gaming for the first time.

“Gaming is huge and there’s so much to it, it can be overwhelming to a newer gamer when trying to explore outside your comfort zone,” Vandie said. “Our job on the show is to break it up into digestible portions and show that gaming is not just the stereotypes you hear and see in mainstream media. There’s really something for everyone – that my personal belief and how I want to engage and capture new gamers interested in the space.”

Where to watch

The Wrap Up’s first episode was shown live on Red Bull TV, Wednesday April 21 at 10am AEST. The series is made of up six 30-minute episodes, released each month.  There are rumors that the show will be made available on demand soon.