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The Finals is a fun and fast-paced shooter that allows crossplay, meaning console players can compete alongside PC. This is great for friends but players quickly noticed that controller players have a huge advantage.

The Finals community is torn over the strength of the aim assist when using a controller. It’s so powerful, in fact, that many PC players have opted to switch to controller because it has such a powerful advantage. You can just “spam left trigger” while using a sniper or revolver and “hard lock” onto opponents’ heads with no effort and once you land a shot with an auto weapon, the rest of the magazine hits. Another issue is that the aim assist will lock into characters super far away, even if they are using invisibility.

What is the stick drift issue in The Finals?

To make matters worse, it’s been pointed out that PC players can enable “stick drift” as an option in Steam settings to make their controller aim assist even more extreme.

A lot of players feel that this is an unfair exploit and shouldn’t be allowed to happen. But as of right now, developers have not done anything about this.

If you want to turn on stick drift yourself, here are the easy steps:

  1. Steam Settings
  2. Click on controller
  3. Click on Calibration & Advanced Settings
  4. Adjust as needed