The best X12 loadout in Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play
X12 loadout Ranked Play MW2
Provided by Activision

The best X12 loadout in Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play

The only secondary gun you can use

If the disparity between the Call of Duty League ruleset and public matches can be exemplified in one way, look at the secondary category. In Modern Warfare 2 Ranked Play, players only have access to two different secondary weapons, and one of them isn’t even a gun. Currently, the X12 is the only secondary gun that players can equip on their loadouts, with the combat knife being the other secondary. This means if players don’t want to use the knife in Ranked Play, they will need to make a loadout for the X12.

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Players who decide to use the X12 on their loadout will find that they can’t actual equip a majority of the pistol’s base attachments. Most of them are restricted due to the CDL ruleset, meaning you’re not left with many options when it comes to your backup pistol. However, if you’re still struggling to decide between the few attachments you have to pick from, allow me to assist.

To see the full loadout for the X12 in Ranked Play, keep reading below.

Ranked Play loadout for the X12 in MW2

  • Muzzle: XRK Ventor-900
  • Barrel: XRK LUC-9
  • Trigger Action: XRK Lightning Fire
  • Rear Grip: Cronen LIMA-6
X12 loadout Ranked Play
Provided by Activision

The attachments featured on this loadout will help players control and move with the X12 much better. Not only that, but the X12 will be able to shoot much faster than before, giving players a tremendous edge in gunfights.

I start with the XRK Ventor-900 muzzle, which increases recoil control drastically. Then, the XRK LUC-9 and Cronen LIMA-6 greatly improve overall mobility for those close-range gunfights you’ll likely be getting into. The Cronen LIMA-6 rear grip will also let players quickdraw the X12 for any time they need a pistol as quickly as possible. Finally, there’s the XRK Lightning Fire trigger action, which boosts overall fire rate.

The X12 isn’t designed to outclass primary weapons in MW2 Ranked Play, but this loadout is strong enough to take down an enemy or two when needed.

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