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There are nearly 50 skills combined in the Combat and Parkour trees of Dying Light 2 Stay Human. From being able to run and parkour faster to throwing enemies down with a power attack, there are plenty of skills to enhance your gameplay experience. We even picked some of the best early-game skills you should unlock with your previous Skill Points. Outside of the early-game skills, though, there’s one skill in Dying Light 2 that’s easily considered the best in the entire game.

This skill is called “Dropkick” and it’s unlocked through the Combat skill tree. It first requires the skill “Air Kick” to be unlocked and also requires 180 health points. This means you’ll have to upgrade your max health with Inhibitors four different times. While this will hinder your max stamina to a degree, it’s all worth it to have the Dropkick skill at your disposal.

The best skill in Dying Light 2

The official description for the Dropkick is as follows:

  • Perform a powerful kick while jumping. Run at an enemy, then hold [jump] and press [kick] twice while in the air.

While this skill doesn’t sound all too useful, its power knows no bounds. To perform a dropkick, find an Infected on the street, stand about 5-10 yards away from it and then begin running at it. When you’re somewhat close to it, hold the jump button and press the kick button twice while still in the air.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human dropkick skill
The description for the Dropkick skill. | Provided by Techland

If you’ve done everything right, you’ll stick out your legs and send the Infected flying across the street. This deals a ton of damage to any enemy and can be used in a variety of ways. It can be used to simply take out one enemy that’s blocking your way. However, it can also be utilized to knock down several Infected in a row. One zombie sent flying via a dropkick will also knock back any zombies that are behind it.

Dropkick is arguably the most enjoyable skill to use and doesn’t require you to degrade your melee weapons whatsoever. You can take out enemies left and right using this skill and then save your melee weapons for the harder fights of the game. You just need to make sure you’re far away enough from the enemy you’re trying to hit. Also, it should be noted powerful enemies like Renegades can dodge the attack and hit you while on the ground. So you need to know when to use the dropkick and when not to.

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