The best agents on new map Lotus in VALORANT
Lotus VALORANT agents
Provided by Riot Games.

The best agents on new map Lotus in VALORANT

Harbor is one of the best on the newest map in VALORANT

Lotus is the ninth map in Riot’s colorful shooter, bringing brand new gimmicks and gameplay mechanics along with it.

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After going through the new VALORANT map Lotus, here are some of the best agents to play on it to help get some early wins. While the nature of the map means that most agents that work well on three-bomb site maps will also work on Lotus, there are some specific choices that work particularly well.

Harbor fits the map in both location and usability

Especially after the recent nerf to Omen, Harbor proves himself extremely useful on Lotus for multiple reasons. The first is his High Tide ability, a water wall that can bend and cover a lot of distance. On both attack and defense, there are plenty of ways that his wall can cover almost all incoming angles for a bomb site. Plus, with how complex some of the sites are in terms of high ground, low ground and flanks, Harbor is the only one that can truly cover all angles.

Harbor, the newest agent in VALORANT. | Provided by Riot Games.

Alongside other abilities that can both cut off chokes and allow you to push like Cascade and Reckoning, Harbor is one of the best choices out of all the VALORANT agents on his local Indian map of Lotus.

Yoru can get some nasty flanks

As for duelists, Lotus allows for plenty of flanking opportunities on either attack or defense. Enter Yoru, where you can get from one side of the map to the other in seconds. If played right, you can make your enemies always cover flanks and help your allies fight in easier duels.

Even without constant flanks, cutting distance with Yoru’s teleport ability and his multiple flashes can prove very useful in both the open and close-range areas on Lotus. The other duelist that can also can work on Lotus would be Neon, with her speed and capability to put up a wall.

Killjoy can hold down open areas very well

Another really useful agent on Lotus is Killjoy, especially on defense. As usual, Killjoy is better than most VALORANT agents in holding down a site, which is no different on Lotus. So, when both A and C site on Lotus have extremely open areas that players essentially need to walk through to get their plant done, a single turret can cover those sites almost single-handedly.

Much like Haven, Killjoy’s kit forces enemies to slow down their entries if done right, giving you and the rest of your team more time to set up on defence. Plus, while not as useful on offence, her post-plant utility is still very strong.

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