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The start of Episode Six in VALORANT also marks a significant nerf for Omen, involving his smoke placement in-game. Normally, the sneaky agent’s smokes would be a little more versatile than other smoke-focused agents but the team has balanced it. Here is what to expect when you play Omen in Episode 6.

Omen one-way nerf balances him with other smokes

In VALORANT, smoking off areas with specific agents has always been core to the gameplay. One of the best uses of smokes are one-ways, smokes put in weird positions on top of ledges or boxes that allow the team that placed it to hold an angle differently.

Agents like Astra and Brimstone can do this as well but Omen has always been the best at it thanks to how he places smokes. Where Brimstone and Astra choose points on the map from a top-down view, Omen looks at the map three-dimensionally, meaning he can technically place smokes under the map or out of bounds. Normally this wouldn’t be a big deal until you realize that there are some spots where you can place smokes that give you that desired one-way by using that unique placement.

With this small tweak, the team doesn’t remove all one-ways from the game, but the ones specific to Omen.

Patch notes also include a new map and more

This Omen nerf not only comes alongside the new VALORANT Episode but a new patch. Patch 6.0 includes the new map Lotus, these Omen changes, the reintegration of Split with some big changes and more.

One of the most important things in each episode is the map rotation, with Bind and Breeze leaving so Split and eventually Lotus can come in.