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With a new episode of VALORANT starting soon, some new content is arriving alongside it, including the release of the new map Lotus. After some time, it’ll get added to the traditional map pool. Lotus is joining VALORANT soon, coming out alongside Episode Six, Act One.

Lotus set in India, matching new agent Harbor

With the recent teasers VALORANT released, we know Lotus is set in India, to match new content that was released recently. Most notably, the new agent, Harbor, is from India; this continues the trend of VALORANT’s new maps matching new videos or agents around the same time.

Alongside the aforementioned three bomb sites, the map has some unique features. The first noticeable addition is a rotating door, similar to doors with switches on previous maps. Another one is a destructible wall in-between two sites, which covers that entire path. For fans that know of the glass window on Ascent near site A, Lotus has a larger, more path-specific version of that. The map trailer goes into detail visually, showing all the angles from each bomb site on Lotus.

Lotus release date

As for when it comes out, it arrives on the same day as Episode Six, Act One; January 10, 2023. Lotus will arrive alongside a new battlepass, a new skin line dubbed Araxys and more content in the near future.

Lotus won’t be available immediately in the VALORANT unrated or competitive modes upon release. It will have its own queue for a little while. After some time and players grow accustomed to it, it’ll join the regular map rotation.

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