TFT Set 8 Endless Pizza augment explained
Pizza Delivery Sivir Set 8 Endless Pizza TFT
Provided by Riot Games.

TFT Set 8 Endless Pizza augment explained

A Sivir hero augment can help heal your team a lot

One of the best augments over the course of TFT Set 8, here is a guide around the Sivir hero augment Endless Pizza. With how core Sivir is to Civilian compositions, Endless Pizza can help your team stay alive in long fights as your backline builds damage up.

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Endless Pizza explained

Before going into too much depth about strategies, here is a rundown of what the Endless Pizza augment is. It’s a hero augment for Sivir, one of two possible options for the hero. For those who don’t know, augments are buffs you acquire three times per TFT match. Hero augments are different, as they give you a copy of a hero while giving either them or their entire team a buff. You can only get one hero augment per game, so if you see the choice, know it’ll be the only one you get for the match.

Endless Pizza TFT Set 8
Hero Augments in TFT Set 8, including the Endless Pizza augment. | Provided by Michael Czar.

Endless Pizza is a hero augment that buffs the entire team if Sivir is on the field. After getting a Sivir unit, when you field her, your team heals 15% of their missing Health and sheds all negative effects every six seconds.

Endless Pizza works best with the Civilian Samira comp

Out of all the possible compositions you can fit the Endless Pizza augment in, the best one is the Civilian Sureshot comp, with Samira as your carry unit. We already highlighted it as one of the best comps earlier in Set 8, and Endless Pizza works well with it.

As a quick recap, this composition focuses on key units like Galio, Sivir and Senna. Then, as the late game comes along, units like Zac and Alistar keeps your backline alive as Samira shoots them down. Where Endless Pizza can come in is that it helps keep your team alive, frontline and backline. The biggest weakness to the Civilian comp is its frontline, with only three units, so Endless Pizza can help keep them alive longer and undo some of those nasty effects enemies can do.

Plus, if your enemy runs the Hacker trait or can get through your frontline fast, Endless Pizza can keep your backline alive long enough to possibly win you rounds.

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