TFT Set 7: How to play Sett re-roll
Obsidian Dragon Sett
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TFT Set 7: How to play Sett re-roll

Get the most out of your Ragewings with this TFT Set 7 guide

Ragewing Sett re-roll is one of the strongest compositions in TFT Set 7: Dragonlands at the moment. For a 1-cost unit, Sett can be unbelievably powerful at 3-star, especially when given the Ragewing 6 or 9 trait. If you’re looking for an easy comp to play and climb with, look no further.

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This guide will explain how to play this comp at a basic to intermediate level.

Early Game

If your aim is to play Sett re-roll, the best item you can get off of the 1.1 carousel is a Recurve Bow. There’s a good chance that the bow will be heavily contested, so a B.F. Sword or Sparring Gloves are solid second options.

Although you can force Sett re-roll, it’s best to go this comp if your Stage 2 items fit and if you find an early 2-star Sett. Getting a lot of Senna’s early will also help.

If you’re committed to Sett re-roll, the most important thing you can do is build up your economy. Winning rounds should not be your biggest priority early. In fact, losing can give you the added advantage of being able to select your items on carousel. It’s important to get best-in-slot items for Sett, or at least close. Guinsoo’s Rageblade and Giant Slayer are good early item slams, but no item is more important on Sett than Quicksilver.

Remember not to level. It’s important to stay low level because, in this comp, you are re-rolling specifically for 3-star Sett and Senna, both of which are 1-cost units.

Provided below is an example of a Level 5 Sett board. Getting Ragewing 3 in is crucial. Dragonmancer is less important, but can still be valuable. Karma, Lee Sin and Volibear can all replace Swain to fit in the Dragonmancer 3 trait if necessary. Remember to use your Dragonmancer item on Sett.

Sett re-roll
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Throughout the early game, re-roll excess (i.e. over 50) gold to look for Sett and Senna. It’s likely you won’t win many rounds until you find Sett 3, but when you do you will get incredibly strong. Remember that if your health is getting low or the game is dragging on, you may have to roll down aggressively to find 3-star Sett. If you don’t find 3-star Senna, it’s not a big deal.

Once you hit Sett 3, your game accelerates. You should start buying XP towards Level 8 and playing your strongest possible board. Aim to get Ragewing 6 in as quickly as possible.

Late Game

Sett re-roll
The ideal, late game Sett comp | Provided by

The above board shows an example of a late game Sett comp. In this case, Sett has BIS items, but other items like Deathblade, Bloodthirster, Edge of Night and Titan’s Resolve are decent alternatives. Extra damage items can go on Senna or Xayah if you weren’t able to find 3-star Senna. Tank items can go on Shen, Hecarim or, if you’re able to find her, Shyvana.

Shyvana allows you to fit in the extremely powerful Ragewing 9 trait that gives Sett lots of Attack Speed and healing. Your capped final board would have items distributed between Senna 3, Sett 3, Shyvana 2 and Xayah 2. Dragonmancer is less important as a trait in the late game, but it can still be helpful for Sett.

In terms of positioning, it’s important to keep your Sett safe while also looking to get him attacking the enemy’s important units as soon as possible. It’s perfectly fine to have him on the front row, just make sure he’s not getting targeted down or Zephyr’ed because he provides almost all your damage.

Augment Choices

There are a handful of extremely powerful augment choices for Sett re-roll in TFT Set 7. Specifically, Scorch is a potent option for any Ragewing comp, giving your units a bit of extra punch with some true damage. Featherweights I, II and III are also amazing Sett augments because he benefits a lot from both the Attack Speed and Move Speed.

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