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Teamfight Tactics Set 7: Dragonlands has introduced new champions, traits and item updates — just like every set that came before. However, they also include a slate of new augments for the first time, giving players a slew of new ways to customize their gameplay.

While many players focus on climbing the ranked ladder in TFT, a large chunk of the less competitive player base is all about having fun. For those looking to maximize that fun, these are the top ten augments for you to use in your TFT Set 7 games.

10. Dragon Alliance/Horde (Gold)

“The Dragon trait remains active regardless of how many Dragons you have. Dragons gain 25 Armor and Magic Resist (Horde: Dragons gain 15 Attack Damage and Ability Power.) Gain a random Tier 4 Dragon.”

TFT Set 7 is called Dragonlands for a reason. These costly and powerful Dragon units are a blast to play, and Dragon Alliance/Horde lets you play more of them. Basically, more dragons = more fun.

9. Eternal Protection (Gold)

“When one of your Jade champions would die, the nearest Jade Statue protects them, losing 70% of its max Health and transferring 200% of that amount to the champion. Gain an Ashe.”

Personally, I’m a sucker for the Jade trait. Moving around the statues to maximize your team’s coverage is a blast. Add Eternal Protection to that, which can make your Jade units feel nearly invincible, and you’ve get a recipe for fun.

8. Built Different 3 (Prismatic)

“Your units with no Traits active gain 500 Health and 80% Attack Speed.”

Built Different has been around for a while now, and it’s consistently been a strong and interesting augment choice. It lets you play any units you want so long as they don’t have active traits. It’s also effectively a better version of Dragon Alliance/Horde because you’ll want to play multiple Dragon units so that the Dragon trait deactivates and they benefit from this augment.

7. Last Stand (Gold)

“The first time you would die, instead drop to 1 Health. After this effect triggers, your units gain 200 Health, 20 Armor and Magic Resist, and 20% Omnivamp.”

Last Stand is one of the most tense and fun augments in TFT right now. You can use it as a safety net or (and I don’t recommend this for the faint of heart) you can lose streak on purpose until you would die and activate the augment. From there, you try and win out using the huge buff from Last Stand.

6. Recombobulator (Silver)

“Champions on your board permanently transform into random champions that cost 1 more. Gain 3 Magnetic Removers.”

Let chaos reign! Maximize the fun from this augment by putting as many 4-cost units on your board as possible.

5. Cursed Crown (Prismatic)

“Gain +2 maximum team size, but take 100% increased player damage.”

If you’re the type of TFT player who wants to have 11 units on their board, then this is the augment for you. Never mind the fact that one round loss can hit you for fifty HP. Live dangerously.

4. Cruel Pact (Prismatic)

“Buying XP costs 3 Health instead of gold.”

You can hit Level 7 on Stage 2. Need I say more?

3. Pandora’s Bench (Gold)

“Gain 5 gold. At the start of every turn, Champions in your 3 rightmost bench slots transform into random Champions of the same cost.”

The reason Pandora’s Bench is in the top three most fun TFT augments is that it is the best augment for enabling 3-star Legendary units. And there’s really nothing more fun than a 3-star Ao Shin wreaking havoc on your enemies.

2. Think Fast (Prismatic)

“Shop refreshes are free until the end of this round. Traits and other augments do not benefit from these free shops. Gain 8 gold.”

I hope you’ve got fast hands (and a fast brain) because this augment rewards players who’ve got speed.

1. The Golden Egg (Prismatic)

“Gain a massive golden egg that hatches in 10 turns.”