TFT Set 7: How to play Olaf re-roll
Olaf TFT Set 7
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TFT Set 7: How to play Olaf re-roll

Bruisers and Assassin Olaf are two of the best ways to play the viking

In the early stages of TFT Set 7: Dragonlands, one 3-cost carry has been dominating the meta: Olaf. With three powerful traits, Olaf fits into tons of different team compositions. He’s versatile, strong and definitely capable of taking a first in most lobbies.

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Since Olaf is so flexible and can be played in so many different ways, this guide will give an overview of how to play two different versions of an Olaf carry comp. There are tons of different other final comps that use Olaf depending on augments, items, etc., but these are two solid options.

Bruisers Olaf

This is the most basic Olaf composition. It relies on using Olaf’s Bruiser trait to give him some tankiness and a solid frontline around him. You’ll want to aim to end with anywhere from four to eight Bruisers on your final board.

As with the next comp, you’ll want to play Olaf if you find him early. His passive grants Attack Damage stacks when he dies, which means the longer you have him (and the more deaths you can accrue), the more damage he’ll deal.

You can start the game by leaving Olaf alone in the frontline so he is almost guaranteed to die and gain 5 AD. Later on, you’ll want to give him some friends so he can act as a proper carry.

Bruisers Olaf TFT Set 7
Bruisers Olaf TFT Set 7. | Provided by

It’s important you find strong Olaf items early on. Luckily, Olaf makes use of a wide range of items quite well. That said, the best-in-slot Olaf items are Runaan’s Hurricane, Bloodthirster and Quicksilver. Other strong alternatives are Deathblade, Guinsoo’s Rageblade, Giant Slayer, Last Whisper, Infinity Edge and more.

Other tanks items can go on one of the Bruisers (Ornn and Sylas are good choices) and damage items can go on Diana.

The most important part of this comp is hitting a 3-star Olaf. You’ll want to begin rerolling when you reach Level 7. That will give you good odds of finding Olaf, as well as some of the other 3-cost units like Diana, Sylas and Illaoi. It’s not crucial you 3-star anyone besides Olaf, but see what you can find.

Another version of this comp loses Diana and Scalescorn in favor of Sy’Fen, a powerful Dragon Bruiser. Sy’Fen can be a strong secondary carry to support Olaf. Also, a four or six Warriors composition is constructed similarly to Bruisers Olaf.

With this specific comp, Bruisers augments like Shrug It Off and Titanic Strength are great options.

Assassin Olaf

Assassin Olaf is a stronger version of the previous comp under most circumstances, but it’s reliant on getting an Assassin emblem. You can get an Assassin emblem any number of ways, but the easiest is finding a Spatula and Sparring Gloves.

Olaf is incredibly strong as an Assassin, using the high Attack Damage gained from his passive to devastating effect. You’ll almost always want to aim for the 6 Assassin trait to make the most of this comp. The goal is to quickly erase the enemy board with your high damage and low survivability.

Assassin Olaf TFT Set 7
Assassin Olaf TFT Set 7. | Provided by

In this comp, 4 Scalescorn can be quite powerful, but it isn’t always necessary. Feel free to drop down to two if it feels right.

Diana, Pyke and Talon can all act as secondary carries for Olaf, but if you’re able to hit 3-star Diana that usually makes her a priority for damage items. Unlike in Bruisers Olaf, finding a 3-star Diana is much more impactful. She can be almost as strong as Olaf. Again, you’ll want to roll on Level 7.

For items, Assassin Olaf is still pretty flexible, but best-in-slot is Runaan’s and IE (alongside the Assasin’s emblem, of course). All of the Assassins use both Frozen Heart and IE very well, so feel free to grab those items whenever you see them.

Finally, for augments anything Assassin related is great. You’ll often find yourself taking Assassin Crest or Urf’s Grab Bag to get the emblem for Olaf. Scalescorn Heart and Scalescorn Emblem are also great because you can put a stronger unit into the comp to replace Braum or Lillia.

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