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After weeks of reveals and testing, the new Teamfight Tactics mid-set update for the TFT Dragonlands expansion is finally here. TFT 7.5 officially releases with TFT patch 12.17 bringing in a ton of new changes to the game as well as a new battle pass, ranked reset, and mid-season rewards. Here are the most essential parts of the patch that players definitely should take note of before they head onto the convergence on Thursday, September 8.

TFT 7.5

The new TFT mid-set update is finally here and with it brings a ton of new changes that were extensively covered in past Upcomer coverage which includes over 20 new champions, new traits, new augments and a lot more. But there are a few things to note after the two weeks of the set being up on the Public Beta Envoritement.

The first is that Fimbulwinter has been renamed to Protector’s Vow and gives tank stats instead of damage. The Lagoon loot table has shifted a lot as well. Some of the listed augments have been temporarily disabled like part-time assassins. And for players playing a ton of the PBE, the new Tyrant Swain unit has been nerfed heading up to the official release. Shimmerscale has also been nerfed as well. Lead Designer Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer has the list of changes on his Twitter account.

Ranked rewards

With TFT 7.0 behind us, there will be a ranked reset to kick off the new update. With a new rank also comes rewards for players’ previous ranks. Just like in every mid-set update, special emotes will be going out to players’ accounts for each mode they played in during the TFT Dragonlands expansion up to this point. That includes the standard mode, Double Up and Hyper Roll.

Emotes are color-coded based on the highest rank each player achieved during the first half of the set. Dragonmancer Yasuo is the emote for the standard mode, Burno is the reward for Double Up, and Poggles is the reward for Hyper Roll.

TFT battle pass

A new battle pass will also be coming out with the new TFT 12.17 patch and features a couple of changes the main one being that everyone, regardless of the battle pass purchase or not, will be able to earn the new River Sprite on the free rewards track. For players that purchase the premium battle pass, the new arenas have been revealed. Players can get their hands on Umbra’s Retreat and Ao Shin’s Summit Spa as they complete the battle pass.

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