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Teamfight Tactics new mid-set update for the Dragonlands expansion has finally been announced. TFT Dragonlands: Uncharted Realms brings in many changes including new mechanics, new champions, traits cosmetics and more. Players can get their hands on the new expansion on the Public Beta Environment starting on Augurst 23.

The new set launches on the live servers on September 8. For more information on all the new things coming, Upcomer has an intensive hub with a plethora of resource articles for players to check out below.


Three new Little Legends join the rotation in the new TFT 7.5 update including the new Mythic tier Dragon Trainer Pengu. But that’s not all, Lee Sin enters the game as the new Chibi Champion and just like at the beginning of Set 7, he has a Mythic variant that comes with a kill cutscene. Also, for the first time ever, the special River Sprite that comes in the battle pass will be free to everyone regardless if the battle pass is purchased or not. Finally, just like in the mid-set update for TFT Gizmos and Gadgets, a new event will be taking place in-game shortly after the official release that will also come with a new Chibi Champion with Kai’Sa.

-Lee Sin, Dragon Trainer Pengu debut as TFT 7.5 Little Legend cosmetics

Champions and traits

TFT 7.5 has 24 new champions and a few new traits entering the mix. Among the 24 new champions, five are new Dragons coming to the game. There are no new five-cost champions this time but a plethora of new four-cost carry options. As for traits, players will say goodbye to Revel and Legend but say hello to Darkflight and Lagoon.

-All the new Dragons coming to TFT 7.5

-Graves, Nilah, and Jayce highlight the new TFT 7.5 champions

-Darkflight, Lagoon enter TFT 7.5 as new traits


The Treasure Dragon mechanic is getting updated for TFT 7.5 to include a couple more options. The new Order Treasure Dragon brings back Radiant items while the Chaos Treasure Dragon brings back things like Target Dummies and uncraftable Emblems. Additionally, there are a few cool new augments too.

-Frozen Heart to be replaced with Fimbulwinter in TFT 7.5

-All the new augments in TFT 7.5




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