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The new mid-set update for the Teamfight Tactics Dragonlands expansion is officially out on all live servers.

With the new update bringing a ton of new changes, players may have questions on what is good to play especially in the early patches of 7.5. Upcomer has you covered. By combining information from data websites like MetaTFT.com and expert analysis, we have developed a tier list that not only shows players what the best comps are but also why.

Here is the TFT Patch 12.18 meta for TFT 7.5: Dragonlands Uncharted Realms.

Four Dragon Ao Shin/Shyvana carry

TFT Patch 12.18 comps- Dragons
Ao Shin and Shyvana are a scary duo in this comp. | Screenshot provided by Lolchess.gg team builder/Warren Younger.

It was to be expected but the best comp in the game is finally a comp that is essentially throw in the best dragons and call it a day. Right now, the two best Dragons in the game are two of the legendary ones which are Shyvana and Ao Shin. These two provide the most lethal one-two punch in possibly the history of TFT.

One is a backline carry and one is a frontline carry which essentially gives the team unreal front-to-back fighting. To make the comp even better, Idas being the third and final Dragon in the comp gives the team an unkillable tank, especially when paired with Rakan. And finally, Bard gives the team a fantastic CC tool while also making it easier to hit two-star versions of the main carries with his doots.

Guild Ragewing Xayah

Xayah and Shyvana are stars of the show in this comp. | Screenshot provided by Lolchess.gg team builder/Warren Younger.

Some things never change. It doesn’t really matter if the comp or champions get hit because the core of this team is just too good. Guild Ragewing Xayah is still the best AD composition in the game as Xayah has unreal ramp thanks to the Ragewing trait and the Guild supporting cast.

Shyvana being as good as she is also helps a ton alongside Jayce, Rakan, Hecarim and Twitch being the literal best supporting cast in the set. Players couldn’t wish for a better combination of champions.

Mirage Cavalier

Ideally you want to have items on Daeja, Yasuo and Nunu. Just make sure the frontline is strong enough for Daeja and Yasuo to do work. | Screenshot provided by Lolchess.gg team builder/Warren Younger.

One of the easiest vertical comps to play in the set is back in the top five this week and for good reason. With multiple good Mirage variations, players can pretty much force this comp every game. Daeja has consistently been one of the better Dragons throughout the entirety of Set 7 and with her tweaks in the last patch, she is even better now. The Cavalier champions give the comp a fantastic frontline while Yasuo is the perfect compliment for the comp in the late game.

Lagoon Mage

Mixed damage with Sohm and Nilah is a winning strategy for this comp. | Screenshot provided by Lolchess.gg team builder/Warren Younger.

The other easy vertical comp to force in the new update has been Lagoon. The comp thrives by having very easy to hit item holders in the early game that players can easy transition into their late game carries. Sohm is the main carry for this composition and is a pretty good carry.

However, the comp really shines when players add Zoe alongside Sohm. The trio of Sylas, Zoe, and Sohm create one of the best trios in the game. Nilah also gives the team a fantastic AD carry to create a dual-threat of AP and AD.


Olaf and Diana with the Scalescorn buff active are crazy good counters in this Dragon meta. | Screenshot provided by Lolchess.gg team builder/Warren Younger.

With all these Dragons running around, the Dragon counter is back in the top five this week. The comp hasn’t changed as its all about getting Olaf and Diana three-star and watching them tear through enemy teams like butter. The team has secondary carry options with Pantheon and Nilah being able to pick up the slack if needed.

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