TFT 7.5 Patch 12.17 Dragon tier list
TFT Patch 12.17 12.18 Dragons Dragon Tier List Ragewing TFT Set 7 Dragonlands Shyvana

TFT 7.5 Patch 12.17 Dragon tier list

Shyvana is at the top while Sohm and Swain are at the bottom.

The new Teamfight Tactics Dragonlands mid-set update has officially gone live with the new TFT Patch 12.17. With a ton of new Dragons in the new update and rules that make playing Dragons easier, knowing which Dragons are best is important to making the ranked climb experience better. Thanks to data websites like and analysis from Upcomer’s TFT expert, Upcomer has created an up-to-date tier list showcasing which Dragons are performing the best while giving explanations as to why they are so strong. Here is the Week 1 TFT Patch 12.17 Dragon Tier List.

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A quick look at the Dragon hierarchy in TFT Patch 12.17. | Provided by Warren Younger/Tiermaker.


The lone Dragon in S Tier during the first few days of the new TFT 7.5 update is Shyvana. Despite not having any massive power shifts in her Ragewing trait, Shyvana has been by far the best Dragon in the game. Sitting at an absurd 3.58 average placement in Diamond lobbies and above, Shyvana has shown to do it all. With an incredibly powerful CC ability to go along with a high health stat, Omnivamp and high damage output, Shyvana is just the perfect unit for almost any comp, especially those running multiple Dragons. Utilize her power while you can; she is for sure getting nerfed next patch if she keeps this performance up.


Three Dragons dominate the A Tier with Daeja, Terra and Ao Shin. Ao Shin has been an absolute beast of a unit for the last couple of months both before the update and after. As the premier magic damage dragon, Ao Shin is still the go-to Dragon for comps that have a ton of mana items. Speaking of magic damage, for players that don’t hit Ao Shin or are in a game with a fantastic Mirage trait, Daeja has been nearly just as good as it has been clear in the early days of TFT 7.5 that Ability Power is king.

Finally, there is the new Legendary Dragon Terra. Being an eight-cost Dragon, Terra doesn’t show up every game on every comp but as the premier tank carry unit in the new set, if players manage to hit a Terra and have a good supporting cast, they will likely win the game. In fact, Terra has the third highest win rate among Dragons just behind Shyvana and Ao Shin.


The two Dragons in B-Tier are Sy’fen and Aurelion Sol. The Whisper composition as received two powerful tools with Pantheon and Zyra which has helped make Sy’fen be more desirable in the new update but the Dragon itself isn’t nearly as powerful as it once was. Despite that, Sy’fen is still averaging positive LP which makes it still viable in the current meta. Asol on the other hand has not been desirable with having the second lowest frequency rate among all Dragons in the game just behind Nomsy. But its numbers have been fantastic. With an Average placement just above 4.00, its one of the best performers but with a low pick rate, it’s not clear if the numbers are concrete enough to put Asol higher.


C Tier contains both of the new Tier 3 Dragons with Nomsy and Zippy. Nomsy actually has placements all over the place with Nomsy having three different variations thanks to it’s Prodigy trait. With that said, the unit has proven to be average. Both of these units have seen moderate success as main carries but are limited due to them not having an extremely high power ceiling due to their cost. But both are fantastic secondary carry options. The other Dragon in this tier is surprising. The Jade Dragon Shi Oh Yu is also here in this patch despite historically being one of the best Dragons in the first half of the set. Perhaps with buffs to Jade, the unit will see more play in the future.


D tier is home to the two new synergy Dragons, Tyrant Swain and Sohm. Their placement in this tier is due to their poor average performance, averaging negative LP with a near 5.00 average placement. The reason why these are underperforming may be attributed to players not understanding how to play the synergies well, as well as players forcing the new exciting vertical traits, which has caused players to play the comps sub-optimally. This will probably change with time but for the time being, be wary of playing these until the meta stabilizes. Idas is also down here, as its average placement is also near the bottom — most likely due to Shimmerscale players playing too greedy.

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