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The new mid-set update for the Teamfight Tactics Dragonlands expansion is officially out on all live servers. With the new update bringing a ton of new changes, players may have questions on what is good to play especially in the early days of 7.5. Upcomer has you covered. By combining data websites like MetaTFT.com and expert analysis, we have developed a tier list that not only shows players what the best comps are but also why. Here is the Day 1 meta for TFT 7.5: Dragonlands Uncharted Realms.

Warrior Scalescorn

Olaf Diana are back at the forefront of the meta. | Provided by lolchess.gg team builder/Warren Younger

It’s like the new update didn’t happen for the best-performing composition so far in the new expansion. Scalescorn is godly right now, since every player is trying to make the new dragons work. While those players play the new compositions sub-optimally, Scalescorn players can feast as this comp only has one new champion that wasn’t in the game last patch. It’s still the same story, the main carries are Olaf and Diana with other champions like the newly released Pantheon being the supporting cast.

Ragewing Guild Xayah

Ragewing Guild Xayah with Jayce and Shyvana. | Provided by lolchess.gg team builder/Warren Younger.

Speaking of the meta never changing, Xayah is back in the spotlight as the second best performing comp in early TFT 7.5 readings. This comp has two new champions that were not available before the update with Jayce and Rakan joining the fray. These two champions are actually vital to Xayah’s success as they give the team additional CC that can buy critical time for Xayah to ramp up. They also double as incredible synergy tools too; Jayce is a Guild Shapeshifter (which benefits late-game boardsthat include Shyvana), while Rakan is a Guardian Ragewing which gives the Ragewing vertical a much-needed tank unit.

Mirage Cavalier

TFT 7.5 Comps Mirage
Mirage Cavaliers with Daeja and Nunu carries. | Provided by lolchess.gg team builder/Warren Younger

The Cavalier trait is much easier to use in the new update; there’s a new two-cost Cavalier, Rell, and none of other Cavs were taken out. Not only does this mean it’s easier to use Cavs as a frontline that can transition well into the mid and late game, but it’s also incredible to high-roll with the six-Cav chase trait.

There is no better composition to use this frontline in than Mirage. The comp hasn’t changed much — it functions exactly the same as before — but this time, Cavalier Emblem on Yasuo is even better.


TFT 7.5 Comps Whispers
Whipsers with Sy’fen and Pantheon carries. | Provided by lolchess.gg team builder/Warren Younger

Finally, for the comps that are averaging under a four placement, we have Whispers. This synergy actually has a couple of new tools available for it, including Zyra and Pantheon, which gives the synergy a good early and late game carry that can be a dual-threat with their Dragon Sy’fen.


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