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Temtem developer Crema and publisher Humble Games announced Tuesday details about its ongoing competitive circuit, the Temtem Championship Series. Over the course of the circuit, players will compete for $60,000 in prizes, along with other in-game rewards.

Temtem is a creature-catching game similar to Pokémon that was designed with competitive play in mind. All fights in the game are double battles, similar to Pokémon’s official competitive Video Game Championship format. However, unlike Pokémon, Temtem does not feature any RNG. As a result, there are no critical hits, there are no occasional secondary effects from moves, and all attacks have 100% accuracy.

By participating in online tournaments during the Temtem Championship Series, tamers can earn Tamer Rating Points based on their performance. For those who earn enough TRP, the circuit will culminate with the Temtem World Championship toward the end of the year.

Tamers can compete in regional events in the following three regions: AMER (the Americas), EMEA (Europe, Middle East and Africa), and PCFC (Asia and Oceania). However, these regions are mostly determined by scheduling and are not restricted based on geographic location. As a result, trainers can opt to compete in whichever region they prefer regardless of where they actually live.

Temtem Championship Series format and schedule

A group of Temtem
Tamers can capture and prepare their Temtem for battle, just like they might in a Pokémon game. | Provided by Crema

The Temtem Championship Series will include both open-bracket tournaments and closed invitationals, where the invitees will be based on the TRP leaderboards for each region. There will also be regional events, where players will only face others from their selected region, and interregional events, where all players will compete together.

For the most part, tournaments in this circuit will feature best-of-three sets and players must lock in a single team before the tournament begins. Typically, events will have a Swiss stage followed by a double-elimination bracket. However, the Mid-Year Invitational will only be a double-elimination bracket, while the World Championship will have two rounds of Swiss before the final bracket.

In general, Regional Opens will only provide TRP and in-game rewards like Novas and Feathers. But, all other types of tournaments will also have cash prizes. While a full schedule for the Temtem Championship Series is not yet available, here’s a broad overview of the circuit with the tournament dates that have been announced:

  • January 7-8 – EMEA Regional Open I
  • January 14-15 – PCFC Regional Open I
  • January 21-22 – AMER Regional Open I
  • February 4-5 – EMEA Regional Open II
  • February 11-12 – PCFC Regional Open II
  • February 18-19 – AMER Regional Open II
  • March 4-5 – Interregional Open I
  • March-April – more Regional Opens
  • May – Interregional Open 2
  • June – Mid-Year Invitational
  • July – more Regional Opens
  • August – Regional Championships and Interregional Qualifier
  • September – World Championship

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