Teams to watch from each region in the ALGS Split 2 playoffs
Teams to watch from each region in the ALGS Split 2 playoffs
Teams to watch from each region in the ALGS Split 2 playoffs | Provided by EA

Teams to watch from each region in the ALGS Split 2 playoffs

Here's who to watch on the international stage

The Apex Legends Global Series Split 2 Playoffs, where competitors from across the world will compete for a share of the $1,000,000 prize pool, start on Friday. Here are a few of the 40 teams from each participating region to keep an eye on during the ALGS Split 2 playoffs.

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North America


TSM are an obvious pick for something like this, as they won the NA Split 1 playoffs after shaky performances during the regular season. Though they placed seventh overall in the NA Split 2, that was enough to qualify for the ALGS Split 2 playoffs, which is clearly all this squad needs to perform their best.

OpTic Gaming

The newly signed OpTic Gaming squad (formerly Esports Arena) have proven they’re a force to be reckoned with on the NA servers. As ESA, they took the top spot in NA Pro League for Split 2 and all three took top spots on the NA Split 2 kills leaderboard.


NRG were one of the best and most consistent squads during Split 2. Though they weren’t able to outscore ESA, they did win multiple match days and have proven they can show up in a competition when they need to.

South America


Brazil’s Elevate were the fourth place South American team for Split 2. It seems like they’re doing pretty well in the international scrims, so expect a solid performance from them in this tournament.

Fênix Team

Another Brazilian powerhouse, Fênix Team scored a whopping 129 points to qualify for the ALGS Split 2 playoffs — the third highest score out of all five regions. They were only outdone by one point in their own region, just barely losing out to Team Singularity’s 130.

Team Singularity

Team Singularity took the second highest score out of all five regions to qualify and have simply looked monstrous. With a long LAN tournament ahead of them, the Latin American squad seem poised for another impressive performance on the international stage.


SCARZ Europe

SCARZ Europe came in ninth for the Europe, Middle East and Africa region Split 2, which is an accomplishment in and of itself but probably hides their real potential going into this tournament. This SCARZ squad was able to consistently show up on the top three of match day leaderboards and take wins.

Element 6

Element 6 were formerly known as 69iQ Esports, but while they recently rebranded, they are still currently an independent organization. Despite seeming like underdogs in that sense, Element 6 performed well in Split 1 (fourth), the Split 1 playoffs (fifth) and Split 2 (tenth). This consistency makes them a threat in a competition that rewards those who are able to both kill and take placements.

Acend Esports

Acend are the clear pick for teams to look out for as the winners of the EMEA Split 1 playoffs, back when they were still the unsigned NEW Esports roster. They looked good this split as well, placing fifth overall for EMEA. They’re likely looking to secure a repeat of their Split 1 playoffs performance, and since their colleagues on the Acend VALORANT roster have already secured international victories, the Apex squad will probably want to be next.

APAC North

Crazy Raccoon

Crazy Raccoon have shown significant improvement this split. After placing 12th in the APAC North Split 1 playoffs, they proceeded to take second overall for the Split 2 season, behind the APAC North’s current front-runners, South Korean aDRaccoon.


REJECT are another Japanese Apex team who have seen some solid improvement going into these playoffs. They went from seventh place in Split 1 to fifth in Split 2 and they’ve been boot camping with CR in Sweden, so there’s definitely even more room for them to pop off at these playoffs.


GameWith were the third place team in APAC North Split 2. The Japanese organization is ready to take a win on an international stage and if they can get on the same level as Crazy Raccoon and aDRaccon, they’ll be in a good spot.

APAC South


Now that Noyan “Genburten” Ozkose has tested negative for COVID-19 and is scrimming again, APAC South’s number one team after Split 2 should be back in fighting shape during the tournament. Since they won’t be playing with a substitute, the Australian squad are definitely ones to watch out for. They got the highest score out of any team in any region to qualify with 134 points.

Team Burger

Another Australian team, Team Burger, looked very good in Split 2. They finished the season out with 125 points, narrowly missing the second place spot in their region to Sutoraiku, who got 126. They’re a high scoring team, which is always dangerous in these competitions.


Freeagents, as you might guess, are an unsigned Indonesian roster with an Indian coach. Though they weren’t quite as high scoring as the other two teams here, they still broke 100 points on their path to qualification and made it to the playoffs from a region that only had five slots available.