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Yesterday while streaming Dishonored, summit1g announced that he was quitting streaming as of that broadcast.

“I’ve decided that I’m going to end my contract with Twitch,” he said, “and take on the next chapter of my life, which is making a video game. So, I’m out.”

His tweet announcing the stream also appeared to suggest a departure from streaming.

“We’ll see after that” could mean he’ll play something else after he finishes Dishonored. Or, in Internet Land, it could mean he’s done and moving on. Naturally, summit1g fans ran amok and this clip popped up all over social media.

However, this clip is from the very beginning of his nine-hour stream on November 18. Immediately after saying, “I’m out,” he laughs and starts his Dishonored gameplay. As the game loads, he cracks jokes with some of the commenters about quitting and even states he doesn’t understand how streamers can just up and quit one day.

In other words, fans created and shared the clip only to stir drama.

In the wee hours this morning (or super late last night), summit1g was very quick to clarify that it was indeed a joke and this was all taken out of context.

A future after streaming

He did discuss what could happen in the future and which paths he might take, but making a video game was definitely not one of them.

“What f***ing studio would want to take me, huh?” summit1g scoffed. “I burned the game dev bridge a long time ago.”

He went on to say that consulting might be the next step. But ultimately, he doesn’t know, because he has no plans to quit streaming.

For all of his fans who might have been worried, fear not, because summit1g is not quitting streaming any time soon. However, this rumor mill should be a good lesson for streamers in general when it comes to making jokes like this. If anything can be taken out of context, it will be.