Moojin fined for sending threats to female fans

Hanwha Life Esports player Moojin disciplined for violent threats sent to fans

League of Legends's Icon Nicholas Ray · 8 May 2019


Photo via Riot Games

Inven Global reported today that Hanwha Life Esports jungler Kim “Moojin” Moo-jin was caught sending violent and threatening messages towards a young female fans, including confidential information about the team. HLE has fined Moojin 15 million Korean Won (roughly 12,800 USD) for his behavior.

On May 6, someone created a Twitter thread revealing a few private messages sent by Moojin to a young woman in order to highlight the severity and predatory nature of his communications with her. Below are some of the screenshots with translations by @gatamchun.

Content Warning: references to assault and graphic violence

Screenshot via @didtladlTsi
Screenshot via @didtladlTsi

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“I’ll kill you. Rip your hair. You know what “date violence” is right? I heard it happens a lot in Busan. Wanna have it happen in Guri?” - Moojin

Screenshot via @didtladlTsi
Screenshot via @didtladlTsi

“Shall I? I’m just gonna take you by the collar and beat you up. You know what date violence is, right? I have a prior record of that. If you run away I'm going to punch your solar plexus super hard.” - Moojin

HLE has since issued a public apology on their Facebook page regarding his actions, including a hand-written note from Moojin himself. It’s currently unknown whether or not he will remain with the team.

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