Shroud pulls in 450K viewers during pre-stream upon Twitch return
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Shroud pulls in 450K viewers during pre-stream upon Twitch return

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Michael “Shroud” Grzesiek has made an impressive comeback to Twitch indeed. On his starting soon page alone, which ran for about 45 minutes, Shroud collected towards 450K viewers, before it skyrocketed towards 500,000 once he fully went live on camera, sporting a new beard and all.

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Shroud returns from vacation

Shroud himself looked a bit taken aback at the numbers, even lost for words. He was unable to read any kind of chat or subscriptions due to how fast it was scrolling. He did, however, mention the sub numbers at the start of the stream—13,000 and rising, with a promise of the final number at the end of the stream.

It had been about two months since Shroud last streamed, back on Mixer. When the platform bit the dust, Shroud decided to take some time off as he negotiated a new deal. Twitch pulled the longest straw and won the ever-popular streamer back over.

“At first I wasn’t [nervous],” Shroud said during the stream. “But then I saw the numbers and I thought, I don’t deserve this. And I’m sitting here thinking, ‘I’m just a dude who plays games.’ I expected like a 150-200k or something, but then it started to climb higher and faster and faster.“

Shroud Twitch return

Shroud continued to be giddy as the stream continued, smiling and exclaiming, “God, it feels good!” Riot Games must have been happy with his return as well, as he single-handedly brought Valorant to the number one spot on Twitch by a landslide as he teamed up with other popular streamers such as Justin “Just9n” Ortiz, Hannah “Bnans” Kennedy, Jordan Fisher, and Matthew “WiKeD” Robertson.

The viewer numbers remained impressive during the first few hours of the stream as well, though not quite 500,000. Hovering between 350K and 400K, Shroud will most likely look back on a decent Twitch return.

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