Should you skip the Diablo Season 1 campaign?
Should you skip the Diablo Season one campaign?
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Should you skip the Diablo Season 1 campaign?

Should you skip or not?

Season 1 of Diablo 4 has arrived and players everywhere are trying to get past the queue so they can create their new character in the Seasonal Realm. After going with a Sorcerer and Barbarian in the pre-season, I decided to go with a Rogue for Season 1 thanks to Blizzard’s timely nerfs to both of those classes. However, when anyone decides to make a fresh character in the Seasonal Realm, they will be faced with a couple of options. One of those options will be to skip the main campaign of Diablo 4 and head straight to the endgame with their newly made character.

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If you beat the campaign with your pre-Season 1 character, then you know whenever you make a new character, you have the option to completely skip the campaign. This saves players from redoing all of the missions they have already completed. However, is this something that’s smart to do with the new season? I will answer that question in the guide below.

Choosing to skip the Diablo 4 campaign in Season 1

In my opinion, it’s wise to simply skip the main story campaign when beginning your journey in the Seasonal Realm. This allows you to head straight into the seasonal content and not have to worry about slogging through all of the main story acts. It also means you start the game with your mount, which makes traversal much easier and quicker.

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The only thing you will miss out on by not participating in the campaign again is any guaranteed loot. Of course, you will still get the chance to earn even better loot by going through the Season Journey and the Season 1 questline with Cormond.

How to skip the campaign in Diablo 4 Season 1

To skip the campaign with your Season 1 character, you will first have to beat the campaign with your Eternal Realm character at least once. If you haven’t, then you won’t get the option to skip the story.

Those that have already beaten the campaign can head into the character creation screen, make a character, and then select “Skip Campaign” option at the end of the menu. Doing this will plop you right in front of Cormond in Kyovashad. Cormond is the NPC you need to speak to start the Season 1 questline, so I recommend talking to him immediately.

And that’s everything you need to know about skipping the campaign in Season 1 of Diablo 4.

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