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Throughout the first several hours in Dying Light 2 Stay Human, Aitor will be one of the characters you interact with the most. He’s a lieutenant with the Peacekeepers and at odds with the Survivors in the Bazaar. The game puts you in the middle of these two warring factions and, at some point, you’ll have to make a decision on who to side with. However, after all of that is done, you’ll then find Aitor in a rough state and be forced to save him or let him die.

This part of the story takes place in the Central Loop after you’ve done the quests with Lawan and are on the Peacekeepers’ ship. Commander Jack Matt will task you with some quests but during the middle of that, Aitor will come on the ship in a bad condition. He was wounded in the field and will die unless you procure some herbs for him, despite what his wife says.

The decision then comes down to you; do you give Aitor the herbs to save his life or let him die?

Saving Aitor in Dying Light 2

When you go in to see Aitor, he will be writhing in pain with his wife and doctor at bedside. The doctor will tell you that the only way to save him is to visit a “witch” so she can give you some herbs to save Aitor’s life. Aitor’s wife Patricia isn’t on board with this, as the witch has been accused of poisoning Peacekeepers before. Moreover, it’s revealed that Aitor took her eyes away from her.

Regardless of that, you go to see the witch and she will tell you to pick some Recluse Flowers. You radio Lawan to see where you can find them and she will tell you to head to All Saints Bridge at night. Simply pick the glowing petals from the flowers and return to Aitor on the PK ship.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human Aitor
The choice of saving Aitor or not. | Provided by Techland

Here, you will tell the doctor you found the herbs but Patricia will ask if they’re from the witch. Say no to this question and the doctor will ask you which size petals to give to Aitor. If you radio Lawan during this timed choice, she will tell you that the small petals are medicinal while the large ones are lethal.

From here, you have a choice. You can give Aitor the small petals to save him, give him the large ones to kill him or do nothing at all, which kills him as well. If you sided with the PKs, then saving Aitor is definitely the best move. However, if you sided with the Survivors in the Bazaar, then Aitor could rat you out and tell Jack Matt you caused the destruction of the PKs in Old Villedor.

Dying Light 2 Stay Human save Aitor
The choices regarding Aitor. | Provided by Techland

This doesn’t happen, though, as even if you save Aitor, you can continue working with the PKs. So saving him is the best all-around move and even rewards you later on in Dying Light 2. If you head to the Fish Eye Canteen, you can find Aitor with his son in the corner of the bar and he will give you the Lazarus Brass Knuckles. This is a devastating melee weapon that belonged to Commander Lucas.

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