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Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II is set to launch on Oct. 28, marking a new era for the franchise. Activision is calling the release of MWII as the beginning of “Call of Duty 2.0,” and there are several innovations scheduled for this new era. From the arrival of Warzone 2, to a fresh multiplayer engine, to the rumored DMZ mode, this next year in Call of Duty could be one of the most special yet. However, amongst all of the new content set to flood the community, some fans are calling for the developers to return to their roots. Recently, a Reddit post on the MWII subreddit has called for the addition of a classic attachment: the Tactical Knife.

COD fans want the Tactical Knife to return in Modern Warfare II

The Tactical Knife is the only piece of older content that fans are hoping makes a return in Modern Warfare II. There are several maps, weapons, and game modes that fans have on their wishlist for multiplayer. While it’s not feasible for all of this content to return in a new title, developer Infinity Ward has already confirmed some classic content will make a comeback. The map Highrise is going to return as well as several weapons from older Modern Warfare games.

Reddit user Pajo555 is insistent about the addition of the Tactical Knife, however. They posted an image of the attachment with the caption “they should bring back the Tactical Knife for pistols in MWII” to the game’s subreddit.

They should bring back the tactical knife for pistols in MWII from ModernWarfareII

For newer fans of the franchise, the Tactical Knife was an attachment prevalent in the first iteration of the Modern Warfare series. It really became popular in the original MW2 (2009), especially with the Commando perk, which allowed players to melee farther with their knives. The Tac Knife attachment would simply let players wield their knife in one hand with their pistol in the other. The purpose of the Tactical Knife was to let players melee quicker.

Some fans in the comments of this Reddit post were quick to point out that Modern Warfare 2019 had this same feature, but with the Throwing Knife. However, other fans responded by saying that the Throwing Knife wasn’t the same because it wasn’t out in the open and you didn’t lunge with it.

If Infinity Ward wants to make the new MWII feel like the older one from 2009, the addition of the Tactical Knife would be a solid start. We may see the Tac Knife in action, if it’s going to be in the game, at Call of Duty Next on Sept. 15, which is an event that will fully reveal MW2 multiplayer.

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