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Since Call of Duty: Warzone was originally released back in March of 2020, fans on PlayStation and Xbox have requested one simple feature: an FOV Slider.

This simple yet elusive feature has been the bane of any console player’s existence for the better part of two years. The feature simply allows players to change their field of view to whatever they want. On console, the field of view is locked at 80 while on PC, players can increase it all the way to 120. This provides a distinct advantage to players on PC because they can see more of their surroundings. While this current version of Warzone will likely never see an FOV Slider, it appears Warzone 2 will.

According to a reputable Call of Duty leaker, an FOV Slider is being developed for Warzone 2. While that might not be too shocking for some players given how advanced Warzone 2 will allegedly be, there is a surprising twist to this leak. The leaker states that the FOV Slider will be a feature on both last and current-generation consoles. This means that PlayStation4 +5, and Xbox One and Series X|S players will supposedly have access to over 80 FOV.

The leaker in question is @TheGhostOfHope, who has been leaking correct information around the Call of Duty series for years.

If their leak turns out to be accurate, it will be a game-changer for Warzone players on console. No longer would there be such a distinct advantage for PC players. With crossplay now a staple feature in Warzone, PC and console players will now be on a more level playing field when in the same match.

Current rumors suggest that Warzone 2 will be releasing worldwide on Nov. 16, 2022. Fans can expect more information on the next iteration of Warzone at Call of Duty Next on Sept. 15. Until then, every leak and other pieces of information should be taken with a grain of salt.

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