Shopify forms Rebellion and signs StarCraft II pro Scarlett
Scarlett joins the Shopify Rebellion
Screenshot from Shopify Rebellion.

Shopify forms Rebellion and signs StarCraft II pro Scarlett

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Canadian StarCraft 2 player, Sasha “Scarlett” Hostyn, has signed to the Shopify Rebellion. This brand new Canadian esports organization was announced earlier the same day, adding a successful player to its roster.

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Scarlett’s path to Shopify Rebellion

Since 2011, Scarlett has won many StarCraft tournaments. Starting in the female only Iron Lady tournaments, she won three tournaments before playing against Canada’s best. In the 2012 World Championships, Scarlett won the Canada Nationals. Along with Team Acer, she won in the North American finals, afterwards gaining a spot in the World Championships. She won many tournaments and consistently placed in the top three for those she lost. However, her best result at the highest level happened in 2018.

In the IEM PyeongChang tournament, for Team Expert, Scarlett beat two-time global champion Kim “sOs” Yoo Jin to get gold. This was a massive step, as she was the first female to win a Premier tournament ever. She also was the first Canadian to win a Premier since Chris “HuK” Loranger at Dreamhack 2011. Additionally, she was the third foreigner to win a Korean Premier tournament. Not too long after that, Scarlett qualified to the Global StarCraft 2 League. This was another record broken for females, and the first time a foreigner had done so since 2012. She most recently played for Brave Star Gaming, and won the Fall tournament in September of last year.

Shopify building from scratch

By signing Scarlett, it’s clear that the Shopify Rebellion isn’t fooling around; it might be new but it wanted a great player for its roster. Plus, having a Canadian player on a Canadian esports organization is always nice. With the former Team Liquid head coach Dario “TLO” Wünsch now on Shopify, the team seems to be close to completion.

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