Dario 'TLO' Wünsch leaves Team Liquid for job with Shopify - Upcomer
TLO leaves Team Liquid for Shopify

Dario ‘TLO’ Wünsch leaves Team Liquid for job with Shopify

Dario “TLO” Wünsch has been quite the force in the world of Starcraft II esports, especially for Team Liquid. However, he decided to hang up his jersey for a new chapter. TLO announced today that he’s leaving Team Liquid for a new job with Shopify as its esports program manager.

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You may have heard of Shopify, which is a huge e-commerce platform for online stores, as well as for brick-and-mortar. The Canadian multinational company’s CEO, Tobi Lutke, happens to be a rather large Starcraft II fan. He has donated money to help fund prize pools for Starcraft II tournaments. He has also provided internships and job offers to Starcraft II players in the past.

TLO explained that with this new job at Shopify, he will not be able to properly dedicate time and energy into competing and all that it requires. Still, he promised to still enter tournaments and attend fan events. Neither Shopify nor TLO have explained exactly what his new job will entail.

The Career of TLO

TLO has had quite the career in Starcraft II esports. He joined Team Liquid in 2010, and he retired with the same team nearly exactly ten years and six months later. He played Random throughout most of the game’s beta and switched to Terran at early release. TLO permanently switched to Zerg later on, but he’s the first and only player to win an episode of the weekly ZOTAC Cup while playing as Random. As a team player, he helped his team win first place in both Premier and Major tournaments throughout his career. Because of this, he’s widely known as one of the best Starcraft II players in the world.

Team Liquid will surely miss TLO and the impact he has had on the esport as well as upcoming players and fans. We at Daily Esports also wish him the best of luck in his new endeavor.

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