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Along with the release of the tenth battle pass, Pokémon UNITE players will be treated to a fan favorite joining the game — Mew! The mythical Pokémon will join the cast on Sep. 02, 2022. This will be the second time that a mythical Pokémon will be added to the game.

What does Mew do in Pokémon UNITE?

Mew’s abilities in Pokémon UNITE mirror its lore in the actual Pokémon series. A mythical creature that is known to be the first every Pokémon, Mew’s gimmick in the original games is that it was able to use any move in the entire game. It has made its mark on a number of competitive metagames and brings its unique versatility into Pokémon UNITE.

Mew’s moveset contains some of the best moves of every type — Surf, Electro ball and Solar Beam. Mew’s Electro Ball locks onto a single target and shoots them down with a bolt of energy. Surf works much like Slowbro’s ability of the same name, displacing targets who are caught in its area of effect. Solar Beam shoots a large line of damage, borrowed from Venusaur’s ability.

They are all upgraded by Mew’s ability Light Screen, giving the abilities a unique twist. The move produces a large pink wall in front of Mew that doesn’t allow enemies to walk through and any abilities shot through the wall gain additional effects.

Last but not the least, Mew’s ultimate ability is Mystical Mirage. It creates an area of effect at Mew’s current location, making Mew invincible and giving the user and all allies stealth inside the area of effect. After a set amount of time, opponents in the field receive damage. Just from reading the description, it seems like an incredibly strong move.

Along with the release of Mew, players will also get treated to battle pass 10. When the battle pass has been fully leveled, players will receive the Elegant Style: Mew. This new Holowear set gives players access to custom abilities and recall animations.

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