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Players not receiving Caliber in The First Descendant

The First Descendant has flown up the Steam charts on launch day, but it was only inevitable that there would be some issues. With various RAM leaks, bugs and glitches being reported, the most pressing of all for Nexon Games is the fact that players aren’t receiving their in-game currency, Caliber.

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Update: This issue has now been resolved, just hours after surfacing, thereby showing the commitment of the team at Nexon and putting players’ minds at ease.

The First Descendant's cash shop showing the Caliber that is giving players errors.
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Players who have taken the plunge and bought Caliber on launch day are yet to receive anything. This means that Nexon Games has been flooded with support requests regarding the issue. Nexon Games has promised to resolve the issue ASAP, and it is being worked on. The main fear players have right now is that they will never receive their currency.

It’s likely that players will receive their currency, and perhaps even a small gift for the inconvenience, but no one can say for sure right now.

This isn’t the only bug plaguing launch-day players. Grainy textures and lag on the PS5 has given Playstation players a cause for pause on whether they’ll invest in the game or not. So far, there have been no server issues, despite clocking over 170,000 players in the first hours, but as the Western world wakes up and finishes work, we’ll see just how much these servers can handle.

Me? I haven’t experienced any bugs on PC just yet, but that’s not to say the PC version is flawless. Something is sure to pop up eventually, though Nexon seems responsive to players and ready to iron out any game-breaking bugs at a moment’s notice.

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