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A core enemy attacks a character in The First Descendant, with a Steam Chart overlay.
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The First Descendant storms the Steam charts on Launch Day

Why is this game storming the Steam charts in the first place?

The First Descendant, Nexon’s new entry into the looter-shooter action RPG genre, has stormed up the Steam charts on launch day. As of writing, it’s rocketed up to 6th place in the most played games list with over 170,000 players. Why, though?

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It’s always exciting to start a new game and try to be the first in. However, this isn’t the only reason The First Descent has enjoyed such massive success on day 1. Another reason is that it’s free-to-play, and it’s also a fairly small download (~35GB) when compared to some modern games. Finally, marketing has also played a role in the game’s success. But there is one reason, above all, that makes the game an early success.

It’s actually fun to play.

You can dive right into this game, whether you have experience in the genre or not, and get slaying. The gameplay feels super responsive, the guns are fun and offer loads of customization through modules, and the pace of the game is fast and breathtaking.

You can also dive right into public session where you get to join forces with other Descendants as you fight off a satisfying range of enemies, from lowly grunts to big, mini-gun-wielding brutes.

It seems as though Nexon’s amalgamation of popular mechanics from various different games have really hit the mark. And once the US time zones wake up and start playing, we may even see this game rocket past the infamous Banana. It’s certainly more engaging than clicking on a PNG of a banana, that’s for sure.

Time will will tell, but I’m willing to bet on at least 350k players on day one. And from there? Who knows…

To get a head start, check out our guide on the best beginner character for The First Descendant, and also make sure you know how to rank your Mastery up so you can get all the benefits early.

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