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The character selection screen in The First Descendant
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The First Descendant best starting Character

The First Descendant offers three characters to pick from when starting the game. But which one should you pick? Which one is best, and which one should you avoid at all costs? Let’s take a quick look.

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The First Descendant Characters

Lepic – The Damage Dealer

Lepic is the character most beginners might be drawn to. His skills offer great damage per second (DPS) with his abilities, which helps you to mow down enemies fast. However, you may not need this DPS so early on, as the enemies you’ll face are quite weak. Plus, your DPS relies a lot on the guns you use as well, so even a support character can prove useful in taking down bosses.

Ajax – The Tank

Ajax has the best defence and highest HP, which could certainly prove useful if you’re inexperienced with these types of games. His abilities focus on defence, though he also has some powerful attacking moves that can get you up close and personal – perfect for destroying enemies with a shotgun.

Viessa – The Support (Offensive)

Viessa offers ice skills that slow down and shackle enemies. Her DPS on the abilities isn’t bad at all, but her skills could prove extra useful when faced with powerful melee enemies, slowing them down and giving her (and other party members) time to destroy them before they get too close.

Which is the best character for Beginners?

You can’s go wrong with Ajax. His shield ability will save you from most attacks, and the assault rifle does the job on most enemies in the beginning. However, as the game progresses, he is better with a few DPS-focused team mates on his side. If you’re playing solo, plan to use a lot of bullets with Ajax.

If solo, you might want to opt for Lepic, since he’ll give you the best chance of destroying tougher enemies on your own. Viessa’s abilities are pretty cool as well, and can certainly save you from some of the tougher enemies in the game.

It also doesn’t matter

In the end, simply choose a character that matches your play style. The truth is that in time, you’ll unlock all the characters, so your starting choice isn’t all that important.

In the end, your damage output depends a lot on your load out, so just pick one and have some fun.

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