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You would think that a world where Pokemon-like creatures run around with guns would be enough excitement for anyone, but with the game heading toward early access, gamers are wondering if Palworld has mod support.

I’m not sure what more you could want from a game honestly, but nonetheless, some gamers still think they could add to the chaos of Palworld using mods.

Not all games allow them though, and some developers are vehemently against them, locking down their titles to ensure that the game can’t be tampered with. Will Palworld be like that? Here’s what we know.

A small green creature with blue hair running, carrying an AK-47 through snowy trees.
Honestly, what could you even add to this? Image via Pocketpair

Will Palworld have mod support at launch?

No, Palworld will not include mod support at launch. The game enters early access on January 19, 2024, but players jumping on that day, regardless of whether they are on Steam or Xbox consoles, will not be able to add to or alter the game in any way.

Will mod support be added to Palworld?

While it won’t have it at launch, mod support will be added to Palworld in the future. This was confirmed by developers Pocketpair in a Steam FAQ session, where they stated that they “plan to add it after launch.”

“Palworld is made in Unreal Engine 5,” they wrote, “and we look forward to seeing what sort of mods people come up with!”

Unfortunately, the developers didn’t give a timeline on modding aside from “after launch,” so we’ll have to bide our time and wait for more information on that front. We’ll be sure to update this article when we get more information.

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