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A red monster with black and white accents with horns, standing in front of a big ball of fire.
Image via Pocketpair

Does Palworld have crossplay?

Players want to be able to jump into the Palworld universe with their buddies through crossplay, and Pocketpair have addressed that desire.

With so many people excited for the early access launch of Palworld, plenty are wondering if they’ll be able to play with their friends on different platforms. Here’s what we know about crossplay in Palworld thanks to the developers.

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Cross-platform play has become a staple of online gaming over the past few years. Long gone are the days when owning a different console than your mate meant you could never play together again. These days, all the top AAA titles like Warzone, Fortnite, or Apex Legends all have crossplay.

With so much hype around Palworld, an open-world RPG game where cute monsters are running around with guns in their hands, it’s no surprise that the question of crossplay has come up. Here’s what the developers have told us.

Does Palworld have crossplay at launch?

No, Palworld does not have crossplay at launch. This was confirmed by Pocketpair during an FAQ session on Steam on January 10.

That means players who own the game on PC will not be able to jump into worlds with Xbox players, and vice-versa. You’ll be locked into playing with people on the same platform as you, so that’s something to think about when you consider whether to buy it on Steam or Xbox or if you intend to use Xbox Game Pass to play it.

A line of small pink creatures with tails and blue eyes carrying ingots back and forth across a metal floor.
You won’t be able to work with your mates like these little guys if you aren’t on the same platform. Image via Pocketpair

Will Palworld get crossplay in the future?

While it may not be available at lunch, Pocketpair has confirmed that they are “working to make this a possibility as soon as possible!”

While this isn’t an official release date, it’s great to hear that the developers are already working on making crossplay work. How long we’ll have to wait remains to be seen, but we’ll be sure to update this article with any new information that we here.

Of course, even when it does launch, it’ll likely only be between Xbox consoles and PC, after the developer spoke about Palworld’s future on PlayStation consoles.