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You’ve probably stumbled upon a ton of Lifmunk Effigies during your time in Palworld and they can be used as a great boost to help you catch pals—in theory.

If you’ve been across the Palworld forum recently then you’ve probably seen talk about these little green collectibles and how they might not be working how they should. But what does it all mean? Before you waste any of the Lifmunk Effigies you’ve collected here’s what you need to know.

What is Palworld’s Lifmunk Effigy bug?

Palworld creatures sitting making machine guns
Image via Pocketpair

Right now players in Palworld are finding that the increased Pal capture rates tied to Lifmunk Effigies are not working as intended. In fact, some even found that when this boost was active their catching rate was lower.

You can exchange Lifmunk Effigies at Statues of Power across the Palworld map or at your base if you’ve chosen to build one. This boosted capture rate is a reward you can exchange them for. Theoretically, this should help you catch Pals, but as of right now, it seems Pocket Pair has some fixing to do before it will.

In a 20-minute-long video shared to YouTube by one player, you can clearly see that this feature is not working as intended. 

We expect Pocket Pair is aware of the problem given the extent of players who have shared their experience with it, and a fix is likely to roll out in a future patch. For the time being, we would suggest avoiding using your Lifmunk Eggify to boost the capture rate and instead investing in better Pal Spheres that already have greater catching ability.

Update Feb. 6, 9:07 pm CT: This issue has been patched.