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Top 5 locations for your first Palworld base to give you a head start

Pick your spot.

Palworld gives players complete freedom to choose where they want to start their adventure, but what is the best option?

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With a giant map and so many clearings that look livable, it’s hard to pick exactly where you should start your first Palworld base, but the good news is that it’s hard to go wrong. To help you make up your mind, here is a look at the five best places to set up your first Palworld base.

These locations differ in many ways, but they all have access to resources, Pals, and most importantly, they’re reachable early in Palworld

The 5 best starting locations in Palworld


Palworld player standing in open field
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The best place you can set up an early base without doubt is just down the cliffs from the starting zone at the coordinates (248, -503). This spot has access to Paldium, Ore, and Wood meaning you’ve got all the resources you’ll need early in the game.

While you will need to set up a berry farm, everything else from a resource perspective is ready to go and that’s why we suggest this spot above any other.

(232, -487)

Palworld base spot near starting location
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Near our first option is another great spot to set up shop with access to Wood and Ore, or Paldium depending on where you place your base. The best thing about this spot is that there are plenty of resources around so you can easily farm yourself by hand if it isn’t quite in the scope of your base location.

Being so close to the starting area, this spot is great to pick and quickly set up shop for your base needs.

(118, -423)

Palworld clearing for base
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While it is a little walk further down the path, the open zone at (118, -423) is a great spot to set up shop. This location is between fast-travel points making it a good spot to set up a base for travel purposes, and it also has access to Paldium and Ore.

While there is no Wood naturally in the spot, you can find higher-level Pals meaning it’s a better place to catch and farm creatures than they are right next to the starting zone.

(8, -523)

Best Palworld ore farm location
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The best place to set up your base for Ore early in the game is at (8, -523). This spot is incredible, with so much Ore you’ll never run out. While it lacks other resources, Ore is something you’ll need a lot of early in the game so picking a spot is great a strategic choice for that reason.

You don’t have to venture far to find other resources, but if Ore is your priority this is the place to be.

(136, -580)

Seaside early base location Palworld
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The last spot on our list is a fantastic place to catch Pals at a higher level than the starting area, but still manageable early in the game. This location at 136, -580 also has a ton of Paldium supplies across the waterfront and an Ore deposit meaning you won’t need to travel far to gather what you need.

If catching new Pals is something you want to do near your home then we suggest heading straight to the above coordinates and setting up shop.

These are some of the best places in Palworld to set up your new base and while they have their strengths and weaknesses, all of them will do a perfect job at readying you to find another home later down the line.

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