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Every way to get Anubis in Palworld, from breeding to capturing

Everyone's favorite Pal.

From the very start of Palworld Anubis became a Pal that players were dying to get, and as you’d expect, it also happens to be one of the rarest in the game. Naturally, there are likely many disappointed players but have no fear! We’ve got you covered.

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To help you fulfill your Anubis-catching dreams we’ve got every way that you can add this Pal to your collection from catching, breeding, and more. Use one of the below methods to ensure your next Pal is Anubis.

How to catch Anubis in Palworld

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Sadly no wild Abunis are frolicking the lands of Palworld so you can’t simply stroll out and toss Pal Spheres to catch one. Instead, catching Anubis requires fighting them in a boss battle.

The Abubis boss fight can be found in the Twilight Dunes biome which is the desert area located almost directly in the center of the Palworld map. What makes this more tricky is that this encounter is set to level 47, so you’ll need to be at a high level to weaken it enough to catch it.

We suggest bringing Pals to counter Anubis into this fight. Some of them are Mossanda and Mammorest, but basically, any Grass-type Pal will do the job. Once you’ve done enough damage make sure you have high-quality Pal Spheres to toss at them and secure the catch.

How to breed Anubis in Palworld

There are quite a few combinations that can be used to breed Anubis, however, we’ll only be listing some of them. Just note that there is a chance you could be breeding other Pals and the result be a newly birthed Anubis.

  • Peking x Vanwyrm Cryst
  • Penking x Bushi
  • Rushoar x Blazamut
  • Celaray x Relaxaurus
  • Direhowl x Paladius
  • Mozzarina x Lyleen
  • Gobfin x Suzaku
  • Mossanda x Katress
  • Capritiy x Beakon
  • Melpaca x Menasting
  • Eikthyrdeer x Beakon
  • Nitewing x Rayhound
  • Incineram x Surfent
  • Cinnamoth x Bushi
  • Arsox x Pyrin
  • Robinquill x Cryolinx
  • Beegarde x Shadowbeak
  • Elizabee x Chillet
  • Grintale x Bushi
  • Sweepa x Tombat

Anubis can be found across the Palworld map inside of a Huge Rocky Egg, but keep in mind the chance of it birthing the Pal is not 100 percent, so you’re probably better off breeding one of the above combinations.

All Merchants that sell Anubis in Palworld

At the time of publishing, we have not been able to find any Merchants selling Anubis in Palworld, however, given Black Marketeer supplies rotate in and out, there is a chance one of them could be an option.

We would suggest using one of the above methods to get Anubis rather than hoping for the Pal to show up in a store anytime soon.

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