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It’s not just cute Pals that are running around in Palworld, there are other people too. From settlers to Syndicate Thugs, humans can be found anywhere, and they need places to live. That’s why we’ve marked down every village and settlement in Palworld.

Sure, you can build your base and create a little village for you and your Pals, but you’re not alone out there. There are five different settlements in Palworld, each home to its own set of NPCs. If you’re not sure where they are, or where to find them, we’ve marked them all on the map below.

Every Palworld village and settlement

Below is a map showing every Palworld settlement, marked by an X showing their location. Each one has a corresponding number, with each location explained below the image.

A map showing the full Palworld area, with five numbered Xs on it.
A map showing the locations of all five Palworld settlements. Image via mapgenie.io, edits via Upcomer.

1. The Small Settlement

This is the first settlement you will find, as it is the closest to the spawn location. There’s not much to this place, but it is a handy spot to keep in mind, as it has two Wandering Merchants, and a Pal Merchant too.

2. Duneshelter

A lonely spot up in the desert, no one but Merchants call this place home. With intense heat, you need to be prepared if you want to travel here, but with two Wandering Merchants and a Pal Merchant, it’s a useful place to go if you find yourself low on supplies and have Gold Coins to spend.

3. Fisherman’s Point

You’ll need to get over the volcanic Mount Obsidian to reach Fisherman’s Point, so you’ll need to be at a high level and have a flying mount if you want to visit this location.

It’s worth the effort though, as not only is it full of Merchants and vendors, but the scenery is spectacular.

4. Ruined Fortress City

On the other side of Mount Obsidian, towards the north, is another settlement you can visit. The Ruined Fortress City is now abandoned though, with nobody living within its walls anymore.

You can find rare eggs there though, which is very useful, so it’s worth making the trek if you are at a high enough level.

5. Deserted City

This spot doesn’t even have a name in the game. Located at the bottom of the Astral Mountain, this city has been abandoned long ago, and all that’s left are ruins.

Like the Ruined Fortress City though, there are eggs to be found here, so make sure to explore this place if you find yourself in that area.

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