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Palworld is 2024’s biggest hit so far and that would be an understatement. The game has taken the world by storm selling almost 20 million copies in just a few weeks and is regularly one of the most-played games on Steam, so you might be wondering when it is coming to Switch?

The monster-catching genre has been defined by Pokémon and Nintendo’s consoles, so as you’d expect there is a massive audience on Switch eager to give Palworld a shot. Unfortunately, there are a few factors that make this seem unlikely, but here’s the full rundown to catch you up to speed.

Is Palworld coming to Nintendo Switch?

Anubis standing in a desert, shooting electric out of his hands.
Image via Pocketpair

Right now, there are no plans to bring Palworld to Nintendo Switch, and that shouldn’t be a surprise.

Palworld is still an early-access game and even its PC and Xbox versions still need work. It would make sense that Pocket Pair put their resources towards improving these versions of the games rather than crafting a port for Nintendo Switch.

Furthermore, just like Sony with PlayStation, Nintendo doesn’t typically release early-access titles on their marketplace, so if Palworld was going to come to the Switch it likely won’t happen until the game is finished, or at least in a full release-ready state.

Outside of the technical and logistical reasons we don’t expect Palworld on Switch anytime soon, it’s no secret that The Pokémon Company is investigating Palworld for any potential copyright infringements from Pokémon. Until this is resolved we can’t see the two companies playing nice, but the good news is that we’ll probably get a conclusion to this investigation in the coming months.

If you’re a Nintendo Switch gamer you might be disheartened not having access to Palworld, but there are plenty of other monster-catching games available to buy on the handheld right now. Who knows, maybe down the road Pocket Pair’s hit will finally join them.