Palworld: Best Pals for Watering
Palworld: Best Pals for Watering
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Palworld: Best Pals for Watering

All of your watering needs done right

Watering is an extremely important Work Suitability to have present in your base in Palworld, as it allows your crops to grow and powers other machines, such as the Crusher. However, there is a disturbing lack of Water types in the Paldeck, which can make your Watering needs a little more dire, especially in the early game.

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To help alleviate those concerns, I have put together a list of the best Pals for Watering in Palworld. This list includes the best Pals for the early game, late game, and the best all-around Watering Pal.

Best Pal for Watering: Jormuntide

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Type: Water / Dragon
Skill: Stormbringer Sea Dragon
Work Skills: Watering Level 4

Jorumntide is the only Pal that has access to Level 4 Watering, making it the top Pal in Palworld for that particular Work Suitability. However, as you can see from the screenshot, Jormuntide is not going to be an accessible option for you until you ascend the ranks and reach above level 40 in Palworld. When you do reach that milestone, you can find Jormuntide in the northeastern part of the map, right below the lava region.

Best early-game Watering Pal: Surfent

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Type: Water
Skill: Swift Swimmer
Work Skills: Watering Level 2

Surfent is a Pal you can find relatively early in Palworld, I found mine at level 14, and it has a Level 2 Watering stat, making it a huge upgrade over something like Pengullet. While you can find Pengullet much earlier, Surfent is available right near the Rayne Syndicate Tower and doesn’t require an advanced level to catch and haul into your base.

Best all-around Watering Pal: Penking

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Type: Water / Ice
Skill: Brave Sailor
Work Skills: Watering Level 2 / Handiwork Level 2 / Mining Level 2 / Cooling Level 2 / Transporting Level 2

Penking is my pick for the best all-around Watering Pal in Palworld, as it has a high Watering level but also Level 2 stats in several other Work Suitabilities. You won’t find a Water type Pal with that many other Work Suitabilities. You can find Penking as a dungeon boss directly north of Rayne Syndicate Tower at level 15. Penking also spawns in the far southeastern corner of the map on a remote island.

Alternative Watering Pals in Palworld


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Type: Water / Dragon
Skill: Hungry Missle
Work Skills: Watering Level 2 / Transport Level 1

Relaxaurus has a Level 2 Watering stat and also sports Level 1 Transporting, meaning it can help out with taking any items where they need to go. This massive water dinosaur is found all over the map and takes a while to catch, so it’s not as prudent to target as my other choices.


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Type: Water / Dragon
Skill: Waterwing Dance
Work Skills: Watering Level 3

Next up is Azurobe, which has a Level 3 Watering stat and is once again not too difficult to catch in Palworld. Azurobe is a world boss found to the northwest of the Rayne Syndicate Tower, basically in the middle of a large body of water. It’s found at level 17, making it a solid mid-game addition to your Paldeck. While it has a terrific Watering stat, it’s also quite useful as a party member, sporting some terrific attacks and stats.

And that does it for the best Watering Pals in Palworld. You can check out our other guide on the best Mining Pals if you’re looking to get your base in top-shape.

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