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A small green creature with blue hair running, carrying an AK-47 through snowy trees.
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Palworld: Best Pals for Handiwork suitability

Handiwork is an incredibly important Work Suitability in Palworld. so we've grabbed the best monsters for the role.

Look, if my Pals expect me to feed them, then they need to be doing some work. That’s why I’m always leaving them a task in my base. Here are the best Pals for the Handiwork suitability in Palworld.

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I know they’re cute, but they can’t just freeload through my world. I am a tough boss, and I expect them to help the base if they want a bed to sleep in and food in their bellies.

That’s why I always keep Handiwork Pals around, so they can be building stuff for me while I’m off doing important things like getting lost and hitting Lamballs with a club. Here are the best Handiwork Pals in Palworld.

Best Handiwork Pal: Anubis

Anubis standing in the Palworld Paldeck.
This guy knows how to work. Screenshot via Upcomer

Type: Ground
Work Suitability: Handiwork Level 4, Transporting Level 2, Mining Level 3

If you’re looking for the best overall Handiwork pal, look no further than Anubis. Not only does it have Handiwork Level 4, which is the highest in the game, but it also has Transporting Level 2, which is useful for moving stuff around.

Add in Mining Level 3, and you’ve got a Pal who can go and get resources for you, and then use them to build things for you. Perfect.

Best early-game Handiwork Pal: Tanzee

Tanzee, a green monkey-like creature in the Palworld Paldeck
Tanzee is handy early on. Screenshot via Upcomer

Type: Grass
Work Suitability: Planting Level 1, Handiwork Level 1, Lumbering Level 1, Transporting Level 1, Gathering Level 1

Tanzee is by far the most useful Pal in the early stages of your game. Just look at those work skills, they can do almost anything.

On top of that, you encounter it almost immediately once you leave the game’s starting area, so you can add them to your crew quickly.

Alternative Handiwork Pals in Palworld


Verdash standing in the Palworld Paldeck.  A Green creature with yellow accents.
Verdash is a strong option. Screenshot via Upcomer

Type: Grass
Work Suitability: Planting Level 2, Handiwork Level 3, Lumbering Level 2, Transporting Level 2, Gathering Level 3

To me, Verdash is Tanzee turned up to 11. They have so many useful skills, like Transporting and Lumbering, and most importantly, Handiwork Level 3 means they are very good inside your base.

With Planting and Gathering too, food will never be hard to come by. A really good addition to your squad.


Elizabee, a brown and gold creature with a bee head and white wings in Palworld's Paldeck.
This bee works very hard. Screenshot via Upcomer

Type: Grass
Work Suitability: Planting Level 2, Handiwork Level 2, Lumbering Level 1, Medicine Level 2, Gathering Level 2

Not quite as powerful as Anubis or Verdash, Elizabee is still a great option to have on your team. Handiwork Level 2 is solid, and Lumbering means they can grab wood and fiber for you.

On top of that Planting and Gathering are useful for food, while a Medicine Pal is always handy.

For more, check out our guides to the best Pals for the Lumbering and Mining Work Suitabilities.