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Palworld has a lot of different items to find, craft, or buy, and allowing you to buy those items are merchants. However, if you’re after Pals then you might want to visit the Black Marketeers.

These sellers can be found across the Palworld map and will have Pals for you to buy. Of course, as the name suggests they’ve linked to the black market so you won’t find them in any establishment like other merchants.

Instead, you have to search around the map for these sellers, but fortunately, we’ve got you covered with their exact locations so you can go and check out what is on offer today.

All Black Marketeer locations in Palworld

Black Maketeer in Palworld
Screenshot by Upcomer

There are a total of five Black Marketeers in Palworld and they can be found in separate locations around the map. Some are available earlier during your adventure while others will require you to be quite a distance through the game to reach.


The Black Marketeer around Duneshelter can be found at the coordinates (357, 346). This is along the right side of the walls surrounding Duneshelter so if you just roam around the outside of the structure you should eventually come upon them. 

Like all Black Marketeers, this one will sell your Pals located from the areas surrounding his location.

Mount Obsidian

There are two Black Marketeers located on the Volcano island, so you probably won’t run into either until you’re almost max level in Palworld.

To find this one start at the Everlasting Summer waypoint, and head south until you reach the point that the rocks become beach. This should be where the merchant is standing. To help out here are the exact coordinates of their location: (-789, -629).

Mount Obsidian Fortress City Ruins

The other Mount Obsidian Black Marketeer can be found by starting at the Ruined Fortress Waypoint and then venturing west. Eventually, you’ll find them standing next to some City Ruins at the coordinates (-606, 234).

Abandoned Mineshaft

Another Black Marketeer that you can reach fairly early is the one located outside the Abandoned Mineshaft. Simply start at the Desolate Church waypoint and go west. This merchant can be seen outside the Abandoned Mineshaft entry at the coordinates (35, -418).

Secret Mineshaft

The final Black Marketeer to visit in Palworld can be located within the rocky desert outside of the entry to a Mineshaft. Start at the PIDF Tower Enterance and head north until you reach the coordinates (496, 340).