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Passive Skills are something that comes with all of the Pals you catch or breed in Palworld. These skills can be incredible at making your Pals better workers or fighters, but there’s also a dark side, where they can make a Pal completely useless.

Nobody wants a bad Passive Skill, but they do happen, and truly it doesn’t mean you can’t use that Pal at all. No, you just need to know the consequences and continue using them in areas that aren’t impacted by their tragic dice roll.

So you can optimize your team and avoid Pals struck by issues, here are the worst Passive Skills in Palworld that you should avoid where possible.

The worst Passive Skills in Palworld

A big yellow Pal with a black lightning bolt on it's stomach standing in front of trees with it's arms spread out.
Image via Pocketpair


Slacker is the worst Passive Skill in Palworld as Pals who carry it are basically useless at working. Pals with the Slacker skill will work 30 percent slower, so you basically have no use for them at the base and instead should keep them for battling.


Pacifist is terrible almost for the opposite reason Slacker is, when this Passive Skill is found, that Pal will have a 20 percent weaker attack. Realistically this means you’re going to want to keep these Pals at the base as they’re not going to be much help in battle.


On the opposite side of Pacifist, Brittle will see Pals have their defense decreased by 20 percent, so you really don’t want to bring any of them into battle either. Fortunately, there is still good uses for these Pals at your base, but it can be quite frustrating when you can’t take your favorites to big boss fights.


If a Pal has the Destructive Passive Skill they’re probably going to cause issues for you at the base at one point or another. This is because when this skill is seen those Pals drop Sanity at an increased rate 15 percent faster.

Bottomless Stomach

It’s not just the Destructive Passive Skill that will have your Pals disobeying, Bottomless Stomach also has the same effect of decreasing Sanity 15 percent faster, so you might want to keep these Pals for battling instead of working.

Palworld’s worst level one Passive Skills

  • Unstable: Sanity drops 10% faster
  • Glutton: Sanity drops 10% faster
  • Downtrodden: Defense -10%
  • Coward: Attack -10%
  • Clumsy: Work speed -10%