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The first Overwatch 2 Halloween event is live, stretching from Oct. 25 to Nov. 8, with an entirely new PvE game mode and Twitch drops for spooky content. The new event, dubbed Wrath of the Bride, is another co-op game mode and serves as a sequel to the classic Junkenstein’s Revenge. As every Halloween event does, this event includes lots of cosmetics, but also will introduce more double XP weekends, some free login loot and Twitch drops.

New PvE game mode, Wrath of the Bride

Fans who played Junkensteins Revenge over the past years of Halloween events in Overwatch 1 remember how the game mode played. It all revolved around defending the gate to the third point of Eichenwalde from waves of omnic robots and some evil heroes. This time around, the event is more of a story that you need to travel the map of Eichenwalde to proceed. As before, you choose one of four heroes (each with Halloween skins): Junker Queen, Sojourn, Ashe and Kiriko. Then, you meet up together in-game and try and solve what’s going on, especially since this takes place after Junkensteins death.

It’s a lot more interactive than the original event’s more straightforward gate defense, making you find keys and run away from invulnerable enemies. The event takes just about as long though, as beating it takes usually no longer than 10 minutes. With the PvE story mode coming out in 2023, this is a nice Halloween-themed preview of what we might see gameplay-wise.

Overwatch 2 connects with Twitch for event drops

One announcement that came alongside the event was that every Twitch channel streaming under the Overwatch 2 game tag will have Twitch drops enabled. There are two items available, a spray and a skin. Both are Winston-focused, showcased in the Wrath of the Bride event.

Overwatch 2 Halloween Winston
The new Werewolf Winston skin. | Provided by Activision-Blizzard.

To get the Werewolf Winston spray, watch 2 total hours of Overwatch 2 streams on Twitch. To get the Werewolf Winston skin, watch 4 total hours of Overwatch 2 streams. You can collect the hours without connecting your account to Battle.net, but to unlock them, you do need to connect your Twitch and Battle.net accounts.

Double XP weekend coming soon, free loot and more skins

On top of the new event, the double XP weekends promised since the launch week are continuing. This weekend, from Oct. 28 to 31, all players will collect double XP on all challenges. On top of that, any player that logs in through Season 1 starting now will receive the Health Pack weapon charm and Cursed Captain Reaper skin. Plus, over the event, more Halloween-themed skins will appear in the shop.

A lot of content is arriving this Halloween, so make sure to log in to Overwatch 2 and get those Twitch drops before the event ends on Nov. 8.

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