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With the final tournament in the past, the NBA 2K League gears up for the final four weeks of the regular season. Results this week could provide more playoff clarity with the possibilities of teams clinching spots or others being eliminated from postseason contention.

The NBA 2K League hits the final stretch of games in the regular season, but that does not mean trades are off the table. An exchange between two teams outside the playoff picture sent Jazz Gaming’s Bobby “MOAM” Wilson to Heat Check Gaming for Lytel “Lotty” Martin. Both players will debut for their new teams this Friday.

Week nine action begins Wednesday with Kings Guard Gaming and Knicks Gaming at 6 p.m. ET. Viewers can watch all 14 games slated this week on Twitch and YouTube between Wednesday and Friday.

NBA 2K League Power Rankings

The Ticket Tournament gave NBA 2K League fans their first playoff team when Warriors Gaming Squad bested the competition and lifted the banner last Saturday. Warriors Gaming Squad impressed in the tournament, but the top spot in the power rankings remains in the hands of another team.

(** = Clinched playoff spot, seven spots left)

1. Blazer5 Gaming (The Ticket Result: First Round, 10-1 Overall)

The Ticket may not have worked out in their favor, but Blazer5 Gaming are still the team to beat in the NBA 2K League. However, the early exits in these tournaments are becoming a red flag come playoff time. Fans can expect to see Blazer5 Gaming in the postseason, needing just two wins to land its spot.

2. **Warriors Gaming Squad (Won The Ticket, 7-4)

The winners of The Ticket may or may not need the auto-bid into the postseason when the regular season is over. Either way, Warriors Gaming Squad can rest easy for the final four weeks. Even though seeding is still in play, do not be surprised to see different lineups in play or more Chiquita “Chiquita” Evans on the court.

3. Mavs Gaming (First Round, 10-1)

Similar to Blazer5 Gaming, there was not much pressure on Mavs Gaming to succeed this past weekend in The Ticket. Two wins and the Mavs are in the postseason. It will be a challenge this week with Warriors Gaming Squad and a desperate Celtics Crossover Gaming scheduled, but Mavs Gaming is talented enough to pull off the perfect week.

4. 76ers GC (Quarterfinals, 7-4)

Things are going well right now for 76ers GC. It finished week eight with a 2-0 record, slid into a top-five spot in the standings, and made it to the final day of The Ticket. There is a decent gap between the top three teams in the league and 76ers GC, but fans saw momentum play a vital role for teams late in the season last year. Look for a determined Philly crew to lock its spot for the postseason in the coming weeks.

NBA 2K League Week Nine Power Rankings Ramo Radoncic celebrating with his Pacers Gaming teammates
Ramo “Ramo” Radoncic celebrating a big play with his Pacers Gaming teammates. (Image by NBA 2K League)

5. Pacers Gaming (Lost in Championship, 6-4)

The slumping Pacers Gaming squad seemed to figure out its issues last weekend. Despite dropping the final game of the tournament, Pacers Gaming had four impressive wins to get there. There is work still to be done for the Indiana squad. The team sits in sixth place in the standings and has two must-win games this week against Knicks Gaming and Wizards District Gaming.

6. Bucks Gaming (Play-In Round, 6-5)

It is a toss-up for the next three spots between Bucks Gaming, Magic Gaming, and Kings Guard Gaming. Each team has shown signs to compete against the top-tier teams but has not been consistent enough to do so. Bucks Gaming beat Magic Gaming two weeks ago by 26, and that gives the Milwaukee crew the slight edge this week. Inconsistency on offense continues to hinder this team. An early exit against Heat Check Gaming in The Ticket was not a good look for Bucks Gaming, but it can bounce back this week with an easy slate versus Lakers Gaming and NetsGC.

7. Magic Gaming (Semifinals, 6-5)

Magic Gaming gets an edge this week because of the performances in The Ticket. The Orlando crew was just three points away from competing in the championship game. This shows that the Magic can at least compete against some of the top teams. Also, Magic Gaming has been playing better as a team ever since the trade for Brandon “ToXsiK” Raudenbush a few weeks ago.

BallLikeSeem on NBA 2K League stage
Waseem “BallLikeSeem” Talbert on the NBA 2K Legaue stage. (Photo by Kings Guard Gaming)

8. Kings Guard Gaming (First Round, 7-4)

A disappointing performance in The Ticket after losing by 29 to 76ers GC has Kings Guard Gaming playing in must-win games this week. Kings Guard Gaming faces the easiest schedule of the NBA 2K League week against Knicks Gaming and Lakers Gaming. Losses in either of those games may force a scenario where Kings Guard Gaming has to wait for the final week to lock in postseason dreams.

9. Cavs Legion GC (Quarterfinals, 7-5)

Speaking of momentum, Cavs Legion GC is riding some momentum into playoff contention. A team that looked destined for a bottom-half finish is now surging towards postseason aspirations. Cavs Legion GC are on a four-game win streak and are set up nicely to make it five with just one game against Wizard District Gaming this week. The Cleveland crew is playing well as a team right now and looks like a playoff team the past three weeks.

10. Celtics Crossover Gaming (First Round, 4-5)

Celtics Crossover Gaming takes the final top spot this week because of recent regular season performances. The Boston group has a three-game win streak to its name and seven games left to make up in the standings. Celtics have a tough schedule this week against Warriors Gaming Squad and Mavs Gaming, but fans have seen what this team has the potential to do.

The remaining teams rank as follows:

11. NetsGC (First Round, 5-5)
12. Heat Check Gaming (Quarterfinals, 4-7)
13. T-Wolves Gaming (First Round, 5-6)
14. Jazz Gaming (Play-In Round, 5-5)
15. Wizards District Gaming (First Round, 4-6)
16. Raptors Uprising GC (Quarterfinals, 5-6)
17. Grizz Gaming (First Round, 5-6)
18. Knicks Gaming (Semifinals, 2-8)
19. Hawks Talon GC (Play-In Round, 4-6)
20. Lakers Gaming (Play-In Round, 2-9)
21. Pistons GT (Play-In Round, 1-10)

Stay tuned to Daily Esports for more NBA 2K League power rankings. Let us know in the comments if you have some strong opinions about them!

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