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The NBA 2K League regular season comes to a close this week with 13 teams fighting for five playoff berths. Each result from week 12’s action could represent a postseason dream coming true or being crushed. All but two games in week 12 feature at least one team competing for the playoffs.

Week 11’s results offered no clarity to a possible playoff picture in the NBA 2K League. Kings Guard Gaming, 76ers GC, and Celtics Crossover Gaming each own 10 wins on the season and hold the most comfortable spots for the postseason.

Week 12 begins Wednesday with Blazer5 Gaming and T-Wolves Gaming at 6 p.m. ET. Fans can watch on Twitch and YouTube between Wednesday and Friday.

NBA 2K League Power Rankings

With surprising results from last week, the power rankings represent a group of teams where number three could miss the playoffs and number 16 could make one last push.

(** = Clinched playoff spot, five spots left. x = Eliminated from 2019 playoffs.)

1. **Blazer5 Gaming (Last Week: 0-0, 14-1 Overall)

With the regular-season title clinched and just one game this week, Blazer5 Gaming have nothing to prove before the playoffs. Now, it is all about not picking up bad habits while in cruise control.

2. **Mavs Gaming (0-0, 11-4)

Fans hope Mavs Gaming used the bye week last week to fix some of the issues from week 10. The Dallas crew already has its playoff position secured, but a game against NetsGC could assist in shaking off some of the rust.

3. Celtics Crossover Gaming (2-0, 10-5)

Another big week for Celtics Crossover Gaming as they picked up wins over Lakers Gaming and Magic Gaming. That is now nine in a row and 10 wins total for the Boston group. Albano “oFAB” Thomallari leads this team with 22.1 points per game and is playing his best 2K of the season right now.

4. 76ers GC (2-0, 10-5)

Week 11 was the bounce-back week 76ers GC fans were looking for from this squad. Double-digit victories over Wizards District Gaming and Pacers Gaming showed this team’s potential to dominate in the NBA 2K League. Point guard Ethan “Radiant” White leads this Philly group with his ability to take over a game and will be dangerous come playoff time if 76ers GC make it.

5. Magic Gaming (0-1, 8-6)

Magic Gaming had an interesting week. Its first game versus Grizz Gaming was postponed and then lost to a surging Celtics Crossover Gaming. Magic Gaming needed that game to stay in the playoff hunt and now face elimination in week 12. Week 11’s game was a statement game for the Magic group, and it missed the mark.

6. **Warriors Gaming Squad (0-0, 7-8)

Warriors Gaming Squad come into week 12 with not much to play for against Grizz Gaming. Over the last five games, the team has played without any ambition. Those games involved its main five and the roster with a sub. At this point, Warriors Gaming Squad should just hope for some momentum going into its postseason matchup.

7. Pacers Gaming (0-2, 8-6)

An 0-2 week could not have come at a worse time for Pacers Gaming. The Indiana crew failed to even compete against 76ers GC and flopped against an eliminated Hawks Talon GC. Now, Pacers Gaming sit outside the playoffs in the standings and need at least one win next week to even stay in the playoff conversation.

8. Kings Guard Gaming (0-0, 10-5)

Even though it had off in week 11, Kings Guard Gaming moved into a much better position for a playoff appearance. The game plan remains the same for the Sacramento group while fighting for seeding. Kings Guard Gaming need to continue the solid team play on both sides of the ball and get some momentum for a chance at the playoffs.

Michael "BearDaBeast" Key on the NBA 2K League stage
Michael “BearDaBeast” Key on the NBA 2K League stage (photo via T-Wolves Gaming)

9. T-Wolves Gaming (2-0, 9-6)

Mirroring last week, T-Wolves Gaming produced another 2-0 week with wins over Knicks Gaming and Heat Check Gaming. This Minnesota team went from holding a dim playoff chance to competing for a spot in less than a month. T-Wolves Gaming need to finish out the regular season strong to clinch what may be one of the final spots. It will have to defeat Blazer5 Gaming to do it.

10. Cavs Legion GC (0-0, 8-7)

Cavs Legion GC had week 11 off and it came at the right time. Week 11’s results offered no clarity to the playoff picture, and Cavs Legion GC will be one of the 13 teams fighting for five spots in the playoffs. Cavs Legion GC’s issue all season has been the inconsistency of play. Fans never knew which team would show up to the game. A strong performance down low from ESPY-winning Timothy “oLARRY” Anselimo could give this team all it needs to make it to the playoffs.

The remaining teams rank as follows:

11. Bucks Gaming (0-0, 8-7)
12. Grizz Gaming (1-0, 7-7)
13. NetsGC (0-2, 7-7)
14. Wizards District Gaming (1-1, 6-8)
15. Jazz Gaming (0-0, 6-8)
16. Raptors Uprising GC (1-1, 7-8)
17. x-Heat Check Gaming (1-1, 5-9)
18. x-Knicks Gaming (1-1, 3-11)
19. x-Hawks Talon GC (1-1, 5-9)
20. x-Lakers Gaming (1-1, 3-12)
21. x-Pistons GT (0-2, 1-14)

Stay tuned to Daily Esports for more NBA 2K League power rankings. Let us know in the comments if you have some strong opinions about them!

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